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The Center for Faculty Development (CFD) is dedicated to providing support for faculty development in teaching, service, and scholarship thus helping to improve the overall environment for faculty and students. We provide information and technologies to enable teaching professionals to pursue their own teaching and learning goals with the ultimate mission being to provide a high quality learning experience for students at Indiana University East.

Who we are

Stephine Whitehead - Center Director

Stephanie Whitehead

Associate Professor, Criminal Justice
Director, Center for Faculty Development
Member, Honors Program Committee

Dr. Stephanie Whitehead serves as the current Director of the IU East Center for Faculty Development. Stephanie has been a faculty member at IU East since 2010 and earned her Ph.D. in criminal justice from Indiana University in 2011. She is a member of FACET and serves as a Quality Matters peer reviewer. She teaches courses in research methods, policing, and class, gender, race, and crime. Her pedagogical interests include student support for first generation and working class college students and the affective dynamics of teaching and learning.

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Chris Mier

Instructional Design and Technology Consultant,
Center for Faculty Development

Chris Mier is a current student at Indiana University East where he is pursuing his Bachelor of Science in Informatics with a specific focus in Legal Informatics. He plans on finishing his degree in 2022. His future goals consist of possible graduate education in instructional design and/or data management and security. He has extensive experience with computers and technology, and he currently holds an Associate of Science from Ivy Tech in Computer Security. He additionally has a CompTIA A+ certification and is pursuing other professional development in QM, Qualtrics, Canvas, and other technological tools to assist faculty on campus and online.

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Zihang Shao

Senior Instructional Technology Consultant,
Center for Faculty Development

Zihang is a Senior Instructional Technology Consultant. Her 10+ years of experience in designing training for university faculty and employees in industry and non-profit organizations have helped her develop enthusiastic interest in professional development of human capital which is the most important asset of any organization. Zihang’s expertise includes analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation of learning solutions that align tightly with organizational needs to achieve optimal results. She has made presentations at AECT, AERA, ISPI, POD, and EDUCAUSE conferences.

Location and Hours

The Center for Faculty Development is located in Hayes Hall room 150A.

We are open Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm. Please make an appointment whenever possible to ensure availability.

If you need help outside of those hours, please contact the IT helpdesk (phone help available 24/7):