Something Unheard Of.

Want to hear something crazy?

I actually relaxed for like, an hour even though there is Final Exam Craziness going on!

There was this thing called Relaxation Day today in the Graf. It was so awesome.

The very first thing I did was get a banana split. There were so many toppings, it was crazy. So good!

After that, me and my best friend hit the oxygen bar.Oxygen Bar

I had never done one of those before, it was so cool! You get one of those nose thingys and put it in your nose then connect it to the tubes coming out of the oxygen. They all have different smells! I am not sure what I got but.. it was good! Taking Part of Oxygen Bar

After the oxygen bar, we made some best friend rings! They say, “BFF 16”. It was pretty cool to watch it being made. After the rings, we walked on over to the Aqua Bed Massages. After we signed up for it, we got to sit in some massage chairs while we waited. I had never done an Aqua Bed Massage either so when I saw it, it looked kind of intimidating at first.

Aqua Bed MassageYou take everything out of your pockets and your shoes off. Then you lay down on your stomach with your head still out. Once the top of it lowers, you are covered by a plastic blanket basically. Then pressured water eases you into relaxation. It felt so good and it was definitely worth it!

Days like these are one of the many reasons why I love being a Red Wolf!

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