The Bargello Museum

Marzacco by Donatello

St. George by Donatello

The Bargello was one of the best landmarks we were able to sightsee in Florence, Italy. I was truly enamored but the beauty of the sculptures housed in the Bargello. We have been visiting so many places with amazing art but sculptures are really what I came to see. i picked this piece out during our Spring semester because of the strength behind it. Marzacco by Donatello is a piece made to signify Florence’s strength. We were also able to see Donatello’s David sculpture in the Bargello. This is another famous piece that if you are able to see it, it is a once in a life time opportunity. Overall, I was more excited to see Marzacco by Donatello. The name “Marzacco” actually holds Latin meaning behind it. The ending “occo” is a masculine ending in Latin. Therefore, the name furthers the meaning of Florence’s power at the time of the piece by adding in a more dominant and masculine nature to it. The details were intricate within Donatello’s piece. Sculptures capture my eye the most due to really seeing how the artist worked. Sometimes you can see their chisel marks and such. In many of the pieces in the Bargello they showed the utter beauty of the Renaissance era. As I walked through the building, everything we had researched in class truly came alive. My breath was taken throughout the day. All day I was looking forward to seeing the exciting pieces.

Before hand, I went to class to finish my clothing piece. Surging, finishing hems, and ironing all were done today. I was able to see what began as a thought become tangible before my eyes. My teacher was incredibly proud of my kimono that I “realized” (as Professor Sabrina would say). The piece is floor length, paisley pattern, and has slits up the sides. The collar is a casual one that uses white fabric to accentuate the white in the paisley. I also felt a strong sense of pride and confidence that i’ll be able to go home and continue my education in fashion. My apparel design teacher has truly become an inspiration for me. I also cut my hair and I truly feel like myself. Through my apparel design class pushing me to go outside my comfort zone, I believe I’ve truly fell into who I’m supposed to be. This study abroad trip has helped me find who I am, my passions, and most importantly new friends.

My group has ended up going to get food almost every night and bonding about our lives. We got the most amazing food at a restaurant next to Santa Croce. Santa Croce is our middle meeting ground since I live so far away from them. During this past week being more independent has helped me learn the city better as well. But, I’ve never been able to meet and connect with people better before. I appreciate Indiana University East for gifting me the opportunity to travel, learn, and grow.

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