Opera, Fashion, and Unforgettable Bonds!

Ciao everyone!

Attending an opera in Florence was a magical experience. We all dressed to impress, we were transported to a world of music and theater (on good ole bus 23). The opera, Otello, captivated us with its stunning performances. The actress playing Otello’s wife Desdemona had an incredible voice, and the actor portraying Iago kept us on the edge of our seats. It was an enchanting night that left us in awe. Personally it was my first time experiencing such a beautiful and authentic Italian opera, as I’m more used to Broadway-style musicals back home. 

In my fashion design class at FUA, I completed my own wrap sundress and the feeling of finally having it done was immensely fulfilling. But it wasn’t just about the garments; it was the entire process that made this class unforgettable. Learning new techniques and collaborating with classmates fueled our growth as aspiring designers. Especially with all the trial and errors, it was a lot of bonding and laughs. 

As our time at FUA came to an end, we faced finishing our garments, final exams and presentations. The exams tested our knowledge, but the real thrill came during the presentations where we had to present to a “potential buyer”. We proudly showcased our creations and celebrated each other’s achievements after we were informed that our collection had successfully enticed them to buy. It’s was bittersweet to say goodbye to my sewing friends as we all went our separate ways after class. 

Saying goodbye is going to be so bittersweet. The bonds we have formed during our short stay here are strong, and leaving our friends will be tough. But even though Florence will be in the past, we will be bringing our friendships we’ve formed into the future ahead of us, and of course the memories we have made here will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

Florence has become not only my second home but all of ours. Its vibrant streets, rich history, and warm Italian culture have left an unforgettable mark on each one of us. As I prepare to leave this beautiful city for the next stop on our journey, I feel grateful for the transformative experiences, laughter, and friendships that blossomed during my time here.

Although my time in Florence is ending, the journey continues. Rome awaits with its own wonders, even though we’ll miss our Sara who’s heading home before we embark. But the memories and unbreakable bonds we forged will stay with us. (Bonus points for us, that we realized we live in the same town back home!) No matter where life takes us, the friendships we made here will remain cherished and everlasting. I can’t wait to see 10 years from now when we can look back on our memories here in Florence. 

My time in Italy has been extraordinary. From staying up late playing card games with friends, exploring the many streets of Firenze, indulging in entirely too much gelato, mesmerizing opera nights to thrilling fashion adventures and the unbreakable bonds with my IU friends, each moment has been a treasure. Florence is now a place I can call a second home, and I’m grateful for the experiences and personal growth it has brought. As I say goodbye, I eagerly embrace the next chapter of my adventure.

All the best out there!


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