San Miniato and Santo Spirito

Kady Campbell
San Miniato al Monte and Santo Spirito
May 21, 2023

Hello everyone,

My name is Kady Campbell and I’m going to be a senior next year at Indiana University East. This trip has benefited my learning and life in so many ways, which I will describe in this post. For years I’ve wondered if I’d be able to create my fashion brand. Specifically, one that has unique patterns that I’ve created to produce the perfect fit for a unisex brand. I decided to take an apparel design course with the Florence University of the Arts. My teacher and coursework have encouraged me to the point where I believe I may be able to chase my dream. We’ve constructed patterns, traced them, pinned them, and draped clothing, and I wanted to challenge myself. To make OmniWear (the brand I aspire to forge) work I need to have confidence in completing more complicated challenges with fashion. That is why I chose to complete a collared kimono with a gorgeous and quirky paisley pattern. I decided that I wanted the jacket to have slits down the sides to contribute a more modern look to the piece. One thing that I will treasure forever is learning the process of altering a pattern. If you want something different, change a length, or contribute darts or pleats this is an important process.

Today we visited San Miniato al Monte and Santo Spirito. The first place we went to during our day today was the Basilica di Santo Spirito. This was a magnificent basilica and one of the most rememberable to me personally. I loved the name as Santo Spirito translates to the “holy spirit”. The basilica was started in 1250 and was later rebuilt after the San Lorenzo church by Filippo Brunelleschi during the 15th century. It was not completed by him, but rather by Antonio Manetti and Giovanni da Gaiole. The interior of the Santo Spirito is one of the finest examples of Renaissance architecture. We weren’t able to see all of the 40 chapels in total that are housed within this basilica, but we were able to see the chapel of the transept. This is the most important chapel to me as it held the famous altarpiece by Filippino Lippi that I researched, the Pala Nerli.
After the Santo Spirito Basilica, we went to San Miniato al Monte for mass. This was an amazing experience as much of the singing was done in Latin and Gregorian chant. Mass in a thousand-year-old church was an experience you can never relive. It is also atop one of the highest points in the city, so the view was impeccable. Some basic history about this location is that the church is a masterpiece of Tuscan Romanesque. It combined basilical plans that were based on classical elements but incorporated a lot of typical Romanesque elements. Mass incorporated all the elements of a Catholic mass but in Italian, Latin, and Gregorian chant. We were able to see all those that travel up to the highest point in the city to join for mass together. It was interesting to see a historical landmark still being in use, and its beauty in person.

Today was Anna’s birthday! We were able to go down a bit on the hill and see the most amazing panoramic view altogether. We saw a copy of David by Michelangelo and experienced Italy for all that it is through its views. Later that night we ended up all getting dinner together and celebrating Anna’s birthday because she’s the sweetest. I ended up getting pesto pasta and it had a slice of the most juicy and fresh bacon I’ve ever had. I’m so thankful to Indiana University East for the opportunity of a lifetime. I’ve been able to succeed in my classes and gained the confidence to work on a dream of mine. I’ve been able to meet new people that I’ve become super close with and gained a new sense of independence while in Florence.

The Santo Spirito Basilica
IU East all getting dinner and seeing David together
Christ on the cross in the Santo Spirito

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