The Children's Hymn Choir, June 2015

The Children's Hymn Choir
  • Heather Metzger, age 8
  • Mary Jetmore, age 9
  • Grace Stewart, age 9
  • Mallory Bolser, age 10
  • Eden Judd, age 10
  • Ben Schweitzer, age 10
  • Mirabella Troncoso, age 10
  • Kirsten Urich, age 10
  • Graham Milligan, age 11
  • Luke Schweitzer, age 12
  • Madeline Stults, age 12
  • Grace Blakely, age 13
  • Annetta Itnyre, age 13
  • Heidi Metzger, age 13
  • Natalie Milligan, age 13
  • Natalie Pegg, age 13
  • Alexa Turner, age 15
  • Director: Jessica Raposo
  • Piano: Caryl Bailey
  • Recording engineer: Chris Robinson

Solo and Duet

Annetta and Madelyn Annetta and Lydia

From left: Madelyn, Annetta; Annetta, Lydia.

Solo: Annetta Itnyre, ages 8-11

Duets "Jesus bids of shine" and "Gentle Jesus, meek and mild": Madelyn Brunton and Annetta Itnyre, age 8

Other Duets: Lydia Shively and Annetta Itnyre, ages 15 and 13

Piano: Caryl Bailey


Web development: Gregory Weber


Alisa and Jessica would like to thank Dr. Jay Barbre, Interim Associate Vice-Chancellor of Academic Affairs, and his committee, for awarding us a Summer Faculty Fellowship to support the camp; Dr. Jason Troutwine, Vice-Chancellor of External Affairs for granting us webspace; Dr. Ross Alexander, Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences, for support of the entire project; and, finally, Central United Methodist Church who allowed us use of their sanctuary for our hymn camp.

All voices and pictures of children are used with parental permission.