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Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable Specialist Functional Duties:

Payment Request

The PREQ (payment request) document is created when a vendor invoice is processed by an Accounts payable processor in EPIC (Electronic Procurement and Invoicing Center).  Once the PREQ is approved by the Accounts Payable processor and the invoice image is attached, the PREQ routes to departments for approval.  Departments review the PREQs that are in routing and can either approve the payment request, place it on hold, change account information or request that the payment request be cancelled.

Payment requests will electronically route to the departments account manager OneStart Action list.  All PREQ documents less than $5000 must be approved by the payment date or the payment request will be auto approved by the system.  All PREQ’s over $5000 must be approved by the department account manager or the payment will not be processed.

Contact the Account Payable processor for information on canceling or placing a PREQ on hold.