Emergencies & Planning

Be prepared

IU Emergency Management maintains the most complete recommendations, procedures, and policies for a variety of emergency situations.

Learn about emergency situations & how to respond

Life is unpredictable. While prevention is critical, preparation could save your life.

  • IU-Notify is how we communicate with students, faculty and staff in an emergency. Review your settings to make sure you receive notifications in a way that will get your attention fast.
  • If there is an active shooter or aggressor on campus, get to a safe place and call 911. Review the 'Active Shooter' emergency procedure below and watch Run. Hide. Fight.® at Indiana University for important survival strategies.
  • Learn the location of emergency phones, defibrillators, the campus police dept, and more from the campus map. Take note of them around campus.
  • Check out safety tips on the Protect.IU website for everything from catching an Uber to protecting yourself when alcohol is involved.

Visit Hazards & Injuries to learn about other emergency procedures, including what to do in case of ☢️ hazardous material spills & exposure and ⚡ utility failure.