Waitlist a class

You really want that course—and so does everyone else

Interested in registering for a class, but enrollment is already full? You can join the waitlist. Class openings are filled from the waitlist on a first-come, first-served basis and are given to students who are taking less than the maximum number of hours and who don’t have scheduling conflicts.

Recommendations for waitlisting

You must choose “Drop if Enrolled” to join a waitlist if:

  • The class you’re waitlisting meets at the same time as a class you’re enrolled in (you can’t register for two classes that meet at the same time)
  • You’re already registered for the maximum amount of credit hours allowed

If you’re trying to enroll in a course without related components, you can join the waitlist for each section. If you enroll in an open section of a course after waitlisting other sections, your waitlist requests will be removed automatically.

If you plan to drop one of your current classes if you get into a waitlisted class, continue attending the original class until your waitlist request is accepted or expires. You are still enrolled in the original class until you are accepted into the waitlisted class.

Once you join a waitlist, it is your responsibility to monitor your requests. If you decide not to take a course you have waitlisted, you must drop the waitlist request to ensure you are not placed in the class. Once waitlist processing has ended, your request will automatically expire if you have not been added to the class.

Waitlist requests expire at the end of the second day of late registration. 

Check the academic calendar for late registration dates

Ready to waitlist?

If you’ve found a class you’d like to waitlist, here’s what you need to do.

  1. Follow the instructions for registering. To see classes that are already full, make sure you unselect the “Show Open Classes Only” option.
  2. Check the “Waitlist?” box. If you plan to drop a class if you get into the waitlisted class, enter that class number in the “Drop if Enrolled” field.
  3. Choose Enroll.

If your request to join the waitlist is successful, you’ll be told your position on the waitlist. If there’s a problem, you’ll see an error message that explains why you cannot join the waitlist.

After you waitlist

If you change your mind, you can cancel your waitlist request through the first week of classes. You must cancel your waitlist request, or you may be enrolled in the class automatically. If you decide to drop a class after the waitlist places you in it, find out if you’ll be able to get a tuition refund.

Waitlist requests do expire. Check the official calendar to find this semester’s waitlist expiration date. Once the waitlist period ends, your request will remain on your schedule, but be inactive.

Check the calendar