How transferring schools affects your grants & loans

Transferring? Make sure you don’t lose your aid.

Because the expected cost of attendance varies from school to school, it’s unlikely you’ll receive the same amount of aid at one school as you did at another.

If you’re transferring to or from IU East—even to or from another IU campus—you’ll need to send your FAFSA data to your new school. They’ll need it to calculate your financial aid eligibility.

To make sure your new school gets your FAFSA data, update your FAFSA by adding your new school’s federal school code.

If you’re an Indiana resident, update your state grants

Make sure to add your new in-state school to your FAFSA. If you’re transferring at the end of the fall semester, be sure to wait until late in the semester and to change your choice for term 2 (spring) only.

Change your school choice online

If you’re eligible for one of the following grants, you’ll need to complete a new application: