Credit for Prior Learning (AP, Dual Credit, CLEP, Military, etc...)

Credit by exam

Credit by examination is the process of taking specific exams on the same topics that would be covered by your entry-level or intermediate college courses. You may be able to earn credit, save money, and jumpstart your degree. IU East recognizes CLEP and DSST exams.

About credit by exam


A portfolio is a collection of work and documentation that represents your learning. Portfolios are reviewed by departments or faculty to determine the appropriate amount of credit earned.

About prior learning portfolios

Transfer Credit

Transfer credit are courses that were taken after high school at a different regionally accredited higher education institution and accepted for credit upon admission.

About transfer credit

Military experience

Veterans may earn college credit for educational experiences in the armed services. A Joint Services Transcript (JST) should be submitted with the application materials for consideration. Visit the Joint Services Transcript website to request your JST.

Learn more about IU East's policies regarding military credit. For additional information on credit related to military service, see IU Policy ACA-78.

Dual credit earned during high school

The Office of Admissions reviews dual credit earned in high school for transferability, and the accepted courses are posted to a student’s transcript. Students should work with their advisor to determine how these credits work toward their degree requirements.

During the application process, you'll be asked to contact the testing agency to have your official test scores sent to the mailing address of the Office of Admissions.

Interested in testing out of (and possibly earning credit for) a class?

Free up credit hours to use for classes to get ahead in your degree program, to take an interesting elective, or to pursue a minor!

We offer several options for placement testing and possible credit by examination. But first, what does that mean?

  • Placement testing helps us understand what you already know and may help you bypass pre-requisite courses.
  • Credit by examination means that if you meet minimum exam scores, you may earn credit on your transcript!

Common courses with test out and/or credit by exam options

¿Hablas Español? Parlez-vous Français? Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

If you've already taken language classes in high school or have other experience learning a language, take a placement test to see what course level is recommended to continue your language education. 

Depending on your placement test scores, you may be eligible to earn credit. If you are interested, talk to your advisor after receiving your test scores.

Contact the testing center to schedule your placement test

Review Sheets

Test Information

  • You can take the test only once.
  • You should take the test as soon as possible, while the prior language is still fresh, especially freshmen and transfer students.
  • Study before the test using these review sheets: Spanish; French:  German
  • The placement test consists of a computerized exam (to be taken at the Testing Center or online via Zoom).
  • The exam includes both written and audio components.
  • Official results and further information will be sent to your IU email address.

The day of the test

  • No textbooks, dictionaries, cell phones are allowed.
  • Indicate your IU email address.
  • Can take in person or via Zoom from the comfort of your home!

Placement Exam for Other Languages

If you have knowledge of a language not listed here, you may complete a placement exam at any accredited institution. Those results should be sent to your academic advisor, who will contact World Languages & Culture faculty for assessment.

Prior learning by examination is available to any IU East student for BUS-M 300, regardless of major, by taking the CLEP Principles of Marketing exam (or approved equivalent) and meeting or exceeding the score requirement.

Students seeking a B.A. in Humanities with a Music Concentration, a minor in Music, or are taking music theory courses may be able to test out of MUS-T 109 (or T 101) and/or MUS-P 110 through an interview and placement test.

Students proficient in piano may be able to audition to test out of certain program requirements.

Interested? Email for more information.

Students who have had significant training or experience in public speaking prior to enrolling at Indiana University East may seek to receive special credit by examination for SPCH-S 121: Public Speaking. The process includes a satisfactory completion of a written exam, followed by a live or recently recorded oral presentation that demonstrates an above average degree of oral communication proficiency for successful completion.

Full-time undergraduate students at Indiana University East who are in good standing and who have never enrolled in SPCH-S 121 or an equivalent course may contact the Public Speaking Program Coordinator to petition the Department for credit by examination. A student may not be concurrently enrolled in SPCH-S 121.

Credit by examination is available only one time to any student who qualifies. No part of the credit by examination assessment may be repeated.

Students are required to submit both portions of the assessment prior to November 1 to receive credit during the fall semester or prior to March 1 to receive credit during the spring semester. Credit by examination is not available during summer terms.

Interested? Contact:

Dr. Andrea Quenette, PhD.
Public Speaking Program Coordinator