Hazards & Injuries

Protect yourself and others from hazards and injuries

We have a responsibility to keep the campus community as safe as possible. As an IU East student, you're a part of, and a partner in, our community. We all have a responsibility to one another to ensure a safe and healthy environment for everyone.

  • Are you a nursing student who might be around biohazardous materials or a chemistry student who may handle toxic materials in the lab? Learn about research and laboratory safety.
  • Will you be doing research or participating in a class that makes use of radioactive materials or radiation-producing devices (common, important tools in research, teaching, and clinical practice)? Learn about IU's radiation safety commitment and procedures.
  • Are you as committed as we are to keeping our beautiful campus environmentally sound? Learn about IU environmental policies regarding proper waste management, water quality, etc. and what you can do to help.
  • Have you been injured on-campus? Contact IUPD-East and report the accident to INLOCC online.

Learn about additional policies and procedures at Environmental Health & Safety at Protect.IU.

Visit Emergencies & Planning to learn about more emergency procedures.