Are you sure you'll be notified?

IU Notify is our emergency mass communication tool. Students, faculty and staff are automatically enrolled, however, it's with the phone number and email address we have on file for you (which are often not the best way to reach you in an emergency!).  

Review your contact preferences in the IU-Notify app now to ensure you'll be alerted in the ways that are most likely to get your attention. We recommend all possible alert methods, but especially text and voice alerts on your cell phone; it's easy to ignore one or the other, but both might get your attention at a critical moment. 

Review/update IU Notify contact preferences

Learn about IU Notify & see FAQs

IU Notify on One.IU

You also can access IU Notify via One.IU.

  1. Log into One.IU.
  2. Search for IU Notify.
  3. Click the appropriate link to change your information.