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Disbursement Voucher

The Disbursement Voucher is used to reimburse Indiana University employees, non-employees, and other vendors for expenses incurred while conducting university business, performing a service, or providing material goods for the university.

These should be used any time a check is needed in lieu of a payment which does not go through the procurement cycle.  The procurement cycle is the process of initiating a requisition, creating a purchase order, and making a payment through Accounts Payable.  The Disbursement Voucher and the Purchase Order (PO) are used for different reasons.  If you are unsure whether to use the DV or the PO, please contact the Administration & Finance office.


The following are some instances in which a Disbursement Voucher might be used.

  • Compensation for services to a non-employee-Less than $1000
  • Travel for non-employee
  • Prizes and awards
  • Refund/repayment to individual or agency
  • Reimbursement for "out of pocket" expenses

Instructions for Disbursement Voucher

Attach any supporting documentation to the Disbursement Voucher and submit it to the Administration & Finance office for processing.  Please allow adequate time for processing.

Instructions to complete Disbursement Voucher Worksheet:

  1. Remit to- Name of company or individual.
  2. If payment is to an individual for a service, they must provide a social security number or an employee identification number.  A W-9, request for taxpayer Identification number, and a Disbursement voucher payee certification form must be completed.
  3. The Description-should state the purpose of the expenditure.  If the expenditure is for employee travel, provide the traveler’s name, in-state travel number, dates of the trip, and destination.
  4. Account: account number paying for expenditure.
  5. Section II:  To be filled out for non-employee travel
  6. Departmental Ref-Departmental Code and in state travel number or request number
  7. Prepared by:  Name of person preparing document.
  8. Account Manager’s Signature: Manager of account in section D.

Non-Employee Travel

When using the IU on-line travel site to make reservations for a non-employee, please call the Administration and Finance Office to obtain a Disbursement Voucher number to be used as the department request number. When the non-employee has completed the trip attach any supporting documentation, a completed W-9 and payee certification form, to a completed Disbursement Voucher worksheet and submit to the Office of Administration and Finance.

Employee Travel

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