Center for Faculty Development

CFD Kaltura Channel

How-to videos and webinars on technologies and pedagogical topics created by the CFD staff.


Teaching Resources

We offer face-to-face workshops and webinars on evidence-based teaching strategies and technology-enhanced teaching.

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These online mini-workshops introduce foundational teaching skills in interactive webinars that can be viewed live or as recordings.

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Answers to frequently encountered questions.

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Peer Review

Do you need a peer review for your documentation? Would you just like to have a second opinion on your course, or an assignment? We are happy to offer official and unofficial peer review options for both full-time and adjunct faculty.

For more information, please contact Dr. Stephanie Whitehead at for documentation, lists of reviewers, and how to get started!

SoTL & Teaching Organizations

Tip sheets, articles, and websites allow access to information on teaching and learning at any time.

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