Student Research

The Undergraduate Student Research Expense Fund

The goal is to provide funding for undergraduate students to pursue a broad scope of research and creative projects. At Indiana University East this is an important source of funding for student research. Students may apply for grants to present at scholarly conferences and workshops, or to assist with various expenses associated with research or creative activities. These funds may be used to purchase equipment, assist with travel to a research location, or to defray the incidental costs of research (photocopying, etc.) if the student’s academic school does not have funds available.

The student may submit a grant proposal to the Office of Academic Affairs (WZ101) at any point in the academic year. Proposals are reviewed at the beginning of each month by the Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. Due to limited availability of funds, no student may receive more than $1000 in a single year. For more information see the application form in Resources below.

SUMRS Program

The Summer Research Scholars (SUMRS) Program provides financial support for students to make a substantial commitment to a selected research and scholarly activity. Students work closely with a faculty mentor to develop a project which they will complete independently. This program is open to undergraduate students in all disciplines, and the potential projects may take on many forms. The Summer Research Scholars Program (SUMRS)

A maximum of six Summer Research Scholars will be awarded, with each student receiving a stipend of $2000. The faculty mentor will receive $300 in his or her professional development account after the student submits the final report with the Office of Academic Affairs. Additionally the SUMRS scholars present the project results at the following year’s Student Research Day (SRD). Application Deadline: May 1


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