Physical Facilities

Mailing Guidelines

The following items would expedite the handling of mail through the postage machine in the Office Services area:

  • Seal large envelopes (9 x 12") and small envelopes that are deeper than 2" and come to a point in the back. The mail machine will not seal these automatically.
  • Stack all the envelopes in the same direction.
  • Envelopes should have the account number in the upper left hand corner to ascertain the proper account to be charged or to return if it comes back undelivered.
  • Separate postage paid (permit mail) from mail to be processed through the postage machine.
  • Stamps can not be purchased in Office Services-only from machine in Cafeteria.
  • Personal mail will be processed through the mailing machine, & billing processed through the Bursar's Office. Delivery of personal mail to your office should be kept to a minimum.