Physical Facilities

Office Services Guidelines

Office Services provides or purchases printing, duplicating, and related processes and services for Indiana University East departments, to related organizations which have established accounts.. All expenses will be charged back to departments and other authorized users internally charged through inter-departmental billing. No cash transactions or other payments to Campus Office Services personnel are permitted. Personal printing must be kept at a minimum. These will be invoiced with payment made to the Bursar's office.

All services provided by or through Office Serves will be initiated via Printing Requisitions(s) signed by person(s) who are responsible for insuring that the product(s) provided are in compliance with existing legal statutes and University policies and that funds are available to cover the expenses of manufacture.

Legal and Copyright Provisions

Devices for use in lotteries, raffles, or other regulated games of chance will be manufactured only after appropriate licenses or permits are obtained an presented.

Copyrighted materials will be duplicated after written permission from the copyright holder is obtained or after the requester signs a "Waiver of Copyright Responsibility" form releasing the University from liability.

Requests for customized or personalized stationery will be referred to External Relations for approval to insure compliance with design standards. Departmentalized letterhead will be printed with normal printing requisitions signed by the authorized account manager.

Office Services will advise customers whenever services requested might be in violation of University policies or standards or in violation of federal, state, or local laws and will refer the customers to the person(s) responsible for enforcing the violated policies or standards for resolution. Examples of such circumstances included, but are not limited to:

  • Requests for non-standards University letterhead or envelopes.
  • Alterations to the University logo or seal.
  • Production of mailing devices not in compliance with US. Postal Service regulations.

Although the staff of Office Services welcomes the opportunity to advise customers in the production process, all decisions regarding accuracy of information, design, selection of inks and stocks, etc., remain the responsibility of the customers - those who provide and / or approve materials to be printed.

Duplication Services

Routine duplicating is the services that result in the production of black ink copies of a customer-provided original on 8.5" x 11" white 20 pound paper. Routine duplicating requests will be completed within 24 hours. Requests for special services or larger numbers of copies may require more time. Emergency service will be provided upon request as time allows. If an order must be completed within 8 hours, a 5% "rush charge" may be billed on the order. Please number the sheets if a large volume is involved, either on the front or back of the original.

On-line collating, stapling and two sided copying will be provided on the 1090 machine in the Office Services Center. other services such as folding (equipment will accept only three 20# sheets), 3-hole drilling, cutting to non-standard sizes, binding and stitching will be billed on a time and materials basis.

We will make every attempt to respond to requests for non-stock paper. If we are able to respond to the request for non-stock paper, an additional cost will be incurred. use of paper not in inventory will require prior requests.

Office Services will do their utmost to guarantee quality printing to their customer. If the masters provided are acceptable quality, any defective duplicating will be re-done free of charge.

It is necessary to allow at least 3 working days for booklet-making if over 25 booklets. If it required drilling and shrink wrapping, a longer time frame may be required.

Preparing your documents

Items to be reproduced should be camera-ready which included the following items: (Please contact Office Services personnel about the originals to help the process for all concerned).

  • neat copy without torn or bent edges, dirty, folded, glue or cut and pasted with jagged tape.
  • unstapled-(paper clip together the sections to be stapled as designated on print order form).
  • leave 1/4" margins around all edges to allow cutting or formatting.

In order to maintain and clean the Office Services equipment, printing should be submitted prior to 2-m on Fridays We try to schedule our maintenance for the time frame from 2-4:30 pm Friday.