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Senior Capstone Spring 2020

Fear is Boring

Virtual Reception: April 30 2020, 2 p.m., Facebook Event

Each Spring semester, our graduating Fine Arts majors are required to complete a Capstone course, a course that is designed to get students ready for life after college as artists and creatives. For this course, students are required to think about their own artistic interests, intent, and most importantly, themselves as human beings and the way they want to communicate with the world through their art, resulting in a cohesive body of work. They are also required to design their own websites, promote and market the exhibition, and learn how to write and speak about their work.

Spring 2020 was an unusual year for all of us. The title of the exhibition, which was chosen by the students themselves before the pandemic -inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert's book, Big Magic - seems unnervingly appropriate for the major shift in the plan we had to make towards the end of the course: move the exhibition into virtual space from our campus gallery space. Although initially disappointed, we, as artists have and continue to always do, came up with creative solutions, adapted, problem-solved, and saw it as a new learning opportunity for a different mode of dissemination: we learned how to use Zoom, record artist lectures, and document and edit work in space that is not your traditional gallery space for install shots. Through all this, all the students remained determined, flexible, and saw through the completion of their projects in their make-shift studios during shelter-in-place, and I cannot be more proud.

Please look through our five Capstone students' work and feel free to contact them via their websites or social media. Recorded artist lectures will also be available after our live event on April 30th.

The Artists