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Josiah Free

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Sasha: The Escape Cat, 2020, Digital Media
Sasha: The Escape Cat Behind the Scenes, 2020, Digital Media
Sasha: The Escape Cat Physical Poster, 2020, 24" x 36", Acrylic paint, digital text
Sasha: The Escape Cat Storyboards, 2020, 3" x 5" (each), Graphite on index cards
Sasha: The Escape Cat Storyboards, 2020, 3" x 5" (each), Graphite on index cards

Josiah Free is an artist who grew up drawing and making origami in Richmond, Indiana. He has been studying fine arts and graphic design, and will be graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Indiana University East. The mediums that Josiah enjoys working with are graphite, acrylic paints, and digital art. His art is inspired by science fiction and film, and often deals with comedic subject matter, such as the adventures of his cats. Josiah hopes to capture and inspire the imagination of his audience (and maybe make them laugh too).

Artist Statement

I create art that intrigues me. I draw, paint, and make art digitally. I am inspired by retro science fiction artists, concept artists, and my favorite filmmakers. I aim to inspire the imagination through mystery, wonder, and humor, using imagery that is both familiar and unfamiliar. I like to vary my work, so I use a wide variety of subject matter in order to push my limits and make each piece visually distinct from the last.

Whether it’s the image of an astronaut exploring a distant planet or a detective investigating a shady street at night, I want you to feel like you’ve stepped into a world that’s larger than what you see. I want you to wonder what else could be happening beyond the edge of the canvas. Why did the astronaut land there? What is the detective investigating? What will happen next? I want viewers to feel like my art has a history and a story to it.

My current project involves a malcontent cat, an escape, and the mood of a ‘60s spy thriller. It’s an animated short film that will appeal to anyone who’s experienced crazy pet shenanigans. Visual storytelling is something I’ve always admired, and Sasha: The Escape Cat is my attempt at a comedic short film inspired by cartoonists like Chuck Jones.