Human Resources

Staff Evaluation Program

Indiana University East supports a performance management program for its exempt and non-exempt staff. Evaluations are not simply another form to complete, but an opportunity for supervisors to celebrate the successes of their staff, to recognize them for stellar performance, to help them accomplish goals and our campus strategic mission, and also to identify opportunities for development.

Our performance management program includes:

  • Timely and effective feedback - to enhance two-way communication regarding all aspects of job performance
  • Goal and objective setting - to clarify job expectations and performance standards
  • Development - to plan, discuss and implement professional development

Please review the guidelines to complete the forms correctly. Please note that the employee form is not required but can be a part of the Performance Conversation process (if the employees wishes to complete it, or if the supervisor requires it). Supervisors and staff should save the required forms to their own computers to complete them. The forms can be discussed over a virtual meeting and signed electronically. Please ensure that all appropriate signatures are obtained, and then email the forms to Employees and supervisors should address any questions regarding this process to Tracy Amyx at, 765-973-8232 .


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