Human Resources

Instructions for Electronic Pay Advices

Online Pay Advices  

In an effort to minimize access to employee pay check information by a pay advice being lost or misdirected in the mail, the University has implemented electronic access to pay advices for all employees. This allows each employee who has an IU User ID to view and print his/her own pay advice. The only computer access needed is to the internet.

For employees in departments in which there is no computer access, there is a process for continuing the printing of paper pay advices. This process must be initiated by the supervisor/manager of the department.

If employees need copies of previous payroll stubs for mortgage applications, public assistance or housing updates, you may now print your own copies rather than waiting to get copies from Human Resources/Payroll.

If you have any problems accessing your pay advice on-line, feel free to stop in Human Resources in Whitewater Hall and we’ll help you to understand how it works.

How to Access Your On-Line Pay Advice

  1. Go to One.IU | All IU Campuses
  2. Use your IU User ID and log on to One.IU
  3. Go to Search box, type Employee Center.  Look under the Payroll Heading for "Payroll and Tax"


Employees are responsible for completing all required paperwork in order to be paid. This includes:

  • Federal and state tax forms
  • The I-9 Department of Justice Verification of Employment Eligibility
  • IU Personal Profile forms
  • Direct Bank Deposit form

It is also the employee's responsibility to maintain current tax dependency, bank deposit, and home address information with the payroll department.

Pay Schedules

Hourly Employees and Non-Exempt Employees

Hourly employees and non-exempt employees are paid biweekly. The payroll calendar indicates pay periods and pay dates. The payroll calendar is available on the FORMS page of our Web site.

Exempt Staff and Faculty

Exempt staff and faculty are paid on a monthly payroll schedule. Payday is the last business day of the month which reflects the pay for that month. The only exception is the December pay which will continue to be paid on the first business day in January. Ten-month academic employees are paid August through May with the final pay of the academic year on the last business day in May. Payments for summer courses are contracted separately and paid on a separate pay schedule. PAO Timesheets can be found under the FORMS page.

Adjunct Faculty

Adjunct faculty are paid monthly on the following schedules. Payday is the last business day of the month which reflects the pay for that month.

  • Fall Semester: August through December - 5 pays
  • Spring Semester: January through May including a final payment May 31st - 5 pays

Payroll Tax Withholding

Need help with your payroll tax withholding? If you have questions about how many dependents you should claim, have more than one job, or just want to understand how your withholdings are determined, go to the IRS Web site and use the IRS Withholding Calculator.

Ohio residents: please note that Indiana University is NOT an Ohio withholding agent. We do not withhold Ohio Income Tax. Ohio residents can complete a form to stop Indiana tax income withholding but will need to pay Ohio taxes directly.

Direct Bank Deposit

Indiana University requires that all employees hired after October 1, 1997, be paid by direct bank deposit. Employees may select any financial institution for direct bank deposit.


Human Resources/Payroll Fax Number: 765-973-8551