Frequently Asked Questions


Military/Veteran FAQs

It is past the last day to drop a class with a refund/tuition adjustment- what will happen if I drop a class at this point?
Once census day has passed (the last day to add/drop with a tuition adjustment) any class drop can result in a debt to the VA. This will depend on the chapter of benefits that you are receiving. Typically, if you are still enrolled in 12 or more hours after the drop, you would not owe any money because the drop would not result in a difference in tuition and fees. However, if the drop causes your total hours to fall below 12 you will most likely owe money to the VA. Any change in training status will result in owing money to VA.
I received a letter from the VA stating that IU East reported $0 for tuition and fees. Why is this?
This is due to new reporting guidelines. The Office of Financial Aid will report the number of credit hours that you are enrolled in as soon as you turn in your enrollment worksheet. We will also report $0.00 for tuition and fees at that time. This is to ensure that VA can go ahead and begin processing your book money and BAH in a timely manner. We must wait until Census Day to report tuition and fees since this is the last day that changes may be made to your student accounts. Once census day has arrived and we know that no other changes will be made to your account and no other financial aid remains outstanding, we will go back in and adjust your enrollment certification with the VA and report the correct tuition and fees at that time. VA will then send the payment to the school.
Will VA pay for Study Abroad?
Effective Fall 2012, VA will no longer pay for study abroad unless studying abroad is a graduation requirement in your program. Previously, VA would cover tuition associated with the study abroad as long as the courses were applicable to graduation in the students major. Now VA will only pay if the actual study abroad is a requirement.
I am Chapter 33. When will my Tuition and Fees show up in my student account?
After the fourth week of classes – end of refund period.
When does VA pay a student’s monthly stipend (BAH)?
VA pays on the 1st of the month for the previous month. Please keep in mind that since you are only paid for days you are enrolled in school, some months will be prorated based on enrollment status.
I am Chapter 33. Can I use GI Bill in conjunction with other types of Financial Aid?
That depends on the type of aid. Pell Grants and student loans are always ok. If you receive a type of aid that is specific in that it only covers tuition and/or fees, you cannot double dip. Examples of these are aid from your department, ROTC scholarships, military TA, employer based aid, athletic scholarships, and VA scholarships. This list is not all inclusive so please check with the VA office if you are unsure about a certain type of aid that you are receiving.
What happens if I fail a class?
If you fail a class (receive an F) and that F is not due to attendance, you do not have to pay VA back for that class. However, if you quit attending class and fail, you will have to pay back money for that class. If you receive a “FN” or an “FNN” grade, you will also have to pay money back to the VA.
Will VA pay for DE (online) courses?
Yes, the VA will pay for courses that are taken online although for Chapter 33/Post 9/11 students these online hours must be reported separately. If all of your hours are being taken online, you will be paid a totally different BAH rate. It is equivalent to ½ the national average or $754.50 and the amount is prorated based on your eligible percentage and training status. If you are taking a combination of online and on campus hours, you will receive the regular BAH rate. If you receive any chapter other than Chapter 33, VA does not view online classes differently under those chapters so the total number of hours will be reported to VA regardless of whether they are DE or on campus.
I am Chapter 33. If I have already paid my T/F and then VA submits payment, will I be reimbursed?
Yes. If you have paid T/F out of pocket, or your student loans/scholarships etc. have been applied to your T/F, as soon as VA pays your T/F any overage on your account will be refunded to you. If you have other charges, ie. Room and board, meal plan etc. those funds may be applied to your other charges.
I have not been paid. What happened?
Several things can delay payment. If you are Chapter 30/1606/1607 did you log into WAVE or call VA on the 1st to verify enrollment? Do you still have months of entitlement left? Did you submit an enrollment worksheet to the VA office for certification? Your best option is to call VA at 1-888-442-4551 to check on the status of your payments.
How long does it take to process benefits?
If you have never used your VA benefits before, or if you have had a lapse in your benefits, you can expect processing to take 8 to 10 weeks.
What is a “kicker” and how do I know if it pertains to me?
An individual’s branch of service may offer the College Fund. The College Fund money, or “kicker,” is an additional amount of money that increases an individual’s basic MGIB monthly benefit and is included in his or her VA payment. Important: An individual cannot receive his or her College Fund money without receiving MGIB. A common misunderstanding is that the College Fund is a separate benefit from MGIB. Actually, the College Fund is part of the MGIB. It’s an add-on to the basic MGIB benefit.

Qualifications for the “College Fund” are established by the military branches. The qualifications are usually based on a critical occupational specialty. The VA does not determine eligibility to this additional benefit.

If you qualify for the College Fund, you do not receive it in one lump sum payment. Your total College Fund is divided into monthly payments that are added to regular MGIB payments.

What classes should I take?
At IU East, it’s important to the faculty and staff that you move through your education in a purposeful, efficient way so we require that each military student meet with an academic advisor each term before he or she registers for classes. Within, in your Student Center, you will see an Advising Hold. You cannot complete the registration process until you have discussed your academic plans each term. Your advisor will resolve the hold once you have met and selected your classes.

Use the number or email provided in Student Center “Advisor” box to contact your advisor. You can request a phone appointment or an in person appointment.

Advising & Registration FAQs

Who is my advisor?
You can find your advisor name and contact information in your Student Center. Look for the blue box in the lower right corner labeled “Advisor.” The advisor’s phone number is listed there. If you click “details” you can access the advisor’s email address.
How do I set up an appointment?
Use the number or email provided in Student Center “Advisor” box to contact your advisor. If the Advisor box indicates that you should contact your program’s office, call them at the appropriate phone number. You can request a phone appointment or an in person appointment.
What classes should I take?
Use the 4 Year Plan document available on the IU East website under your program (, or Degree Maps in for your degree program and compare it to your transcript. Your advisor will also discuss your personalized advising sheet during each appointment.
How many credit hours should I take?
Here are some guidelines to consider:

  • If your High School Record was mostly A’s and B’s and:
    • you are NOT working – 15-16 credit hours
    • you are working 40 hours/week – 9 credit hours maximum
    • you are working 20 hours/week – 12 credit hours maximum
  • If your High School Record was mostly B’s and C’s and:
    • you are NOT working – 14-15 credit hours
    • you are working 40 hours/week – 6 credit hours maximum
    • you are working 20 hours/week – 9 credit hours maximum
  • If your High School Record was mostly C’s and:
    • you are NOT working – 13-14 credit hours
    • you are working 40 hours/week – 6 credit hours maximum
    • you are working 20 hours/week – 9 credit hours maximum
Where can I find course descriptions?
You can find course descriptions by clicking your specific degree program on the IU East programs website and reviewing the course options: By clicking the hyperlinked course, you’ll be able to review the course description.
What is an advising hold?
At IU East, it’s important to the faculty and staff that you move through your education in a purposeful, efficient way so we require that each student meet with an academic advisor each term before he or she registers for classes. Within One.IU (, in your Student Center, you will see an Advising Hold. You cannot complete the registration process until you have discussed your academic plans each term. Your advisor will resolve the hold once you have met and discussed your classes.
What is an academic probation hold?
The Dean of Students places this hold on the record of any student with a GPA lower than a 2.0. You need to speak with your advisor to resolve this hold.
I tried to register but it says I have a hold on my record. What do I do?
  • Determine what hold is blocking you from registration. Login to One.IU ( and select your Student Center (SIS).  If you do not see your Student Center on the home screen search “Student Center” in the search bar at the top of the page.  Once in your Student Center look in the “Holds” box in the upper right corner. Click on Details for each hold item. The hold item details will tell you what you need to do to remove the hold.
  • Help with common holds:
    • Citizenship Verification: In One.IU ( search “Citizenship Verification”.  Select start and follow the instructions on the screen.
    • Immunization Compliance: In One.IU ( search “Immunization Compliance”.  Select start and follow the instructions on the screen. Note: this hold takes 24 hours to be removed from your account!
When can I register?
Check the Academic Calendar ( each term for Registration dates. You should also be able to see the first date you can enroll in your Student Center. Login to One.IU ( and go to your Student Center. On the right side of the screen under Enrollment Dates you should see the date when you can enter the registration system to enroll. Remember that you’ll need to meet with your advisor, to lift the Advising Hold, before the system will allow you to complete the registration process.
How do I register?
Your advisor can help you select courses and sections, but you must register yourself online. Login to One.IU ( and go to Student Center. On the left side of the screen there are links to Enrollment Shopping Cart and also Register & Drop/Add. You can use either tool to register. With each tool, enter the class number or use the Class Search to find your classes. The advanced search allows you to search by subject, professor, time of day, location, mode of instruction (online vs. in person, etc.) and more.
Make sure that you read the screens carefully as you go. If you use the Shopping Cart be sure to click the green “enroll” button to initiate the actual registration process. Otherwise your classes will just sit in your cart and you will NOT be registered.
What if the class says I need permission to enroll?
Read the Class Notes section for the course within the Schedule of Classes to see who you need to contact for permission. It is typically the instructor for the course. If in doubt contact your advisor.
How do I drop a class?
Before dropping a class, the best practice is to meet with an academic advisor and/or a financial aid counselor to determine the consequences of dropping a particular class. Once you are sure you need to drop a class:

  • If you are dropping within the first week of classes, simply go to One.IU (, click on “Go to Student Center”, click on the “Register,Drop/Add” link and follow the instructions. After the first week of classes, search for the “Late Drop/Add” in One.IU.
  • In order to receive a W (and avoid getting an automatic F), you must drop before the official Last Day to Withdraw date. Check the Registrar’s link to the Academic Calendar for dates. If it is after the drop time, see your academic advisor.
Where can I get a copy of my transcript?
You can get a copy of your unofficial transcript on One.IU (, type “Unofficial Transcript” in the search box at the top. If you need to have a copy of your official transcript, contact the Registrar’s office.
I lost my schedule. Where can I get another copy?
On One.IU (, click on “Student Center” then, “Class Schedule Details”.

Online Only Student FAQs

How do I find online only classes?
View this video to watch step-by-step instructions to find online only classes:
Who can I contact if I have questions about Canvas?
The IT Help Desk or Online Success Coaches.
How do I set up a username or passphrase?
Follow this link to set up your username & passphrase:
How do I look up my student ID?
You can look up your student id number here:

Academic Planning & Decision Making FAQs

How do I replace a grade in a class?
See your academic advisor to fill out a grade replacement form and plan to retake the class. More information about grade replacement can be found on the Office of the Registrar and Student Records Policies page.
How do I change my major?
Select the major you want and set up an appointment with the advisor for that program. The advisor will discuss the program requirements and help you complete the form required for declaring your new major.
What is the difference between a BA and a BS degree?
Bachelor of Arts (BA) degrees have a significant foreign language requirement. Bachelor of Science (BS) degrees typically require an upper level math course (often Statistics) and several technical or scientific courses instead of a foreign language. You need math for both degrees, but with the BA you may only need to complete one math course.
Contact an advisor for more information.
Where can I find a 4 Year Plan for my degree?
Click on the Academics tab on the IU East web page. Find the degree you are interested in and follow that link to the degree program page. Click on the 4 Year Plan link on the right side of the degree program page. You can also access your Degree Map through One.iu Degree Maps.
How do I complete foreign language placement testing?
You can complete placement testing for Spanish and French at IU East. See this link: Foreign Language Placement Testing at IU East.
Where can I find updated information about graduation?
Follow this link to the Office of the Registrar and Student Records for detailed information on graduation information and policies (Graduation Information & Policies).
Always continue to communicate with your academic advisor about your status towards graduation.
I’m considering taking some classes online. Is this a good idea?
Successful online students tend to have the following characteristics:

  1. They are strong readers. In many online courses there are heavy reading loads and you must have strong reading comprehension skills in order to digest information efficiently and effectively.
  2. They are strong writers. Most of the communication between students within a class and between a student and an instructor is in writing, so you must be able to communicate clearly and professionally in writing.
  3. They are able to carve out undistracted time for class responsibilities. They are able to find a place to work on course requirements that is free from interruption.
  4. They have the self-discipline to stay on task and keep up with class responsibilities. Procrastinators die long, slow deaths in online courses.
  5. They are very comfortable with learning about and using new software packages and look forward to using technology which may be new to them. Individual course instructors do not provide “How to Use a Computer” instruction in addition to their course content. We have Online Success Coaches to provide support for online students, but if you typically put off or avoid using new technology then online will not be a good fit.

Financial Aid FAQs

Who should I contact about financial aid questions?
Questions about Financial Aid should be directed to the Office of Financial Aid. You can stop by the office located in Whitewater Hall 112 or call 765-973-8206.