College Now

IU East College Now in partnership with Wayne County Foundation in partnership with First Bank Richmond.

High school students across Wayne County now have the opportunity to take free college courses through a new program at Indiana University East. The program is funded by the Wayne County Foundation and First Bank Richmond.

The program is available to juniors and seniors attending Centerville High School, Hagerstown High School, Lincoln High School, Northeastern High School, Richmond High School or Seton High School. Each high school can enroll up to 15 students in two courses per semester. Richmond High School can enroll up to 30 students due to the size of the corporation.

School guidance counselors will work with students who may be eligible to participate in the program. The program is designed to primarily serve first-generation college students or students from underserved families (including minority or students receiving free and reduced lunch).

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FREE College for Wayne Co. High School Students!

Participating high school students take courses alongside IU East students. In this format, rather than college level courses taught at the high school, students gain a better understanding of the college environment and expectations associated with college level work. As a result, these high school students are better prepared for their college career.

Key Program Information:

  • A mix of online and face-to-face formats will be offered to students – however, the preference is for students to attend on-campus courses.
  • Students incur NO tuition cost to participate in the program.
  • Students may be responsible for purchasing textbooks. (school dependent)
  • Dual-credit offerings include a wide array of courses such as math, psychology, sociology, English, criminal justice, public speaking, history and fine arts.

Counselors & current College Now students, do you have questions?
Contact the College Now manager, Kyle Wright, at 765-973-8567 or

Forward Wayne County

Forward Wayne County develops and shepards county-wide efforts to improve the economic development and quality of life for our region. IU East shares these priorities and we're especially proud to actively support their goal for educational attainment with College Now.

College Now benefits us all!

For Students

Students benefit by receiving free-to-them college-credit courses that provide an introduction to the college environment, stimulate learning and encourage future academic achievement. Students who participate in the program in their junior and senior years of high school could earn up to 24 college credits at IU East (That’s almost a full year of college!) without cost to them.

For the Community

The Community benefits through increased educational partnerships that promote learning, educational attainment and talent retention. By focusing on under served populations, the program creates a bridge to students’ full potential and works to reverse the course of poverty and change the trajectory of Wayne County families.

For Schools

The schools benefit by having the opportunity to offer college-credit bearing educational courses to qualified high school students at a reduced cost.