Order a duplicate diploma

Need another copy of your diploma?

Your diploma represents the time and hard work you’ve spent on your education. If you’ve changed your name, misplaced the original, or if you just want a fresh diploma, we can help.

Duplicate paper diploma

The Office of the Registrar processes duplicate diploma orders on the first business day of each month. All duplicate diplomas are mailed from the printer within 6-8 weeks of the order date. Please contact the Office of the Registrar for expedited processing requests.

Request a duplicate of your paper diploma

Change the name on your diploma

Your name will appear on the diploma in the same format as it is stored in the Office of the Registrar records. If your name needs to be corrected or has been legally changed, file a Request for Change of Name form. Legal documentation, such as a copy of a social security card, driver’s license, marriage certificate, or official court document, must be provided to support the name change.

The changed name will be reviewed by university officials and is subject to the Indiana University Preferred Name policy.

Name recommendations: If you will be pursuing a professional license or will be moving abroad for work or study, consider using your legal name on your diploma. Also, we recommend that international students use their legal name on their diploma as it appears on their official university record, visa paperwork, and passport.

Download the Request for Change of Name form*

Once you've completed the form, send it as an email attachment to earecord@iue.edu or return it to the Office of the Registrar by mail or in-person.

*If you have trouble with the PDF form and would like to request a more accessible version, contact the Office of the Registrar.

Electronic diploma

Certified electronic diplomas have been available to students who graduated in May of 2018 or later. The certified electronic diploma is a supplement to the printed diploma and will be available as an optional service for a fee. Since several countries recognize certified electronic diplomas as legal documents, the student’s legal name will be used on certified electronic diplomas.

Request an electronic copy of your diploma