Alex Sefton's internship with the Decatur County Community Foundation

Work/study/life balance

If his supervisor knows Sefton has some schoolwork to finish, he’s encouraged to carve out some time at work. “My schedule pretty much is set with the foundation and classes,” he admits. “They know my top priority now is classes.”

It helps a lot with his busy life, he says, that he’s living at home. He’s taking a full load of five classes each semester toward a degree in Business Administration with a minor in Entrepreneurship. 

He uses Indiana University’s online management system that’s called Canvas. “You can do homework, take tests, anything related to class,” Sefton says, “Pretty much all the resources you need are in that system.”

It takes great energy, planning and focus to balance everything. “I am able to do it all from here (Greensburg) and still have quality educators,” Sefton says. “I can work from our living room. It makes it very convenient. It’s been a great opportunity for sure.”

Community to Philanthropy

He would be fine with having a career and living in the place where he and his two brothers were brought up.

I felt like my talents and gifts were best used in my community.

Alex Sefton

Those gifts include making quick and lasting connections. He has an entrepreneurial spirit, gained in part from having parents who run their own businesses.

In fact, Alex and a friend started the non-profit organization called All For One Ministry ( The non-denominational organization holds a night of worship on the first Sunday of each month.

Its mission statement reads in part:“We are not a church that meets every Sunday. We are an organization whose goal is to break down interdenominational walls in order to allow the local Church to live out our calling to be united.”

It’s amazing, Sefton says, how much his non-profit work has helped him relate to his studies and internship: “I was preparing for the philanthropy without knowing I was preparing for it.”

There was another meant-to-be aspect to that and his internship. The previous foundation director bought a house through Alex’s father, who works in real estate. “He came home that night and said he could see me going into philanthropy,” Alex says.

I am from a family of entrepreneurs.

Alex Sefton

His dad, who once ran a family farm, also sells seeds for corn and soybeans. His mother owns a cleaning business. “They have always been self-employed. That was the root of my entrepreneurial (direction),” Alex says. “That has motivated me to do this.”