Caysey Farmer's internship with Judge Brian Hill

Approaching the bench

When a professor helped her find a for-credit internship with Judge Brian Hill in Rush County Superior Court, she was expecting to be able to watch how the job works and maybe assist with paperwork.

“I wasn’t really expecting to do a lot of actual work,” Farmer said. “It was a lot better than I really expected it would be.”

She went to Rush County Superior Court once a week for the entire day. For the first hour, Judge Hill met with her in his office and talked to her about cases from courts around Indiana and the Supreme Court, legal implications from court decisions and how it related to the Constitution.

He gave her his old law school books to read, then would discuss issues in their next meeting.

When Hill was on the bench presiding over a case, Farmer was in the courtroom. Later, the two would discuss a suspect’s record or how Hill perceived the legal issues and reached the decisions that he made.

“He was a really good resource for me,” Farmer said.

One week, she would be exposed to civil cases. The next week, the focus would be on criminal.

I definitely think that it solidified that I do want to go into this field, maybe one day be a judge. I really liked working with Judge Hill and he really seemed laid back and knew what he was talking about.

Caysey Farmer

She learned about everything that he did. He talked to her about discovering Indiana laws that he hadn’t known were in existence, she said. When he had free time in his schedule, he assisted with her law school applications.

Caysey's next case (& a short recess)

Now, she will graduate early and have no student loan debt from her undergraduate degree. In July, she took the Law School Admission Test, and may take it again in the winter.

She had taken many dual credit courses in high school, so she didn’t have to take many general education courses once she arrived at IU East. Many electives applied to both her criminal justice and political science majors, and she took summer classes.

Farmer initially planned to attend Ball State University, but IU East offered her more scholarship money. IU East is closer to home and she saw the options for more opportunities. Looking back, it was the correct choice.

After her internship ended, she embarked on a month-long study abroad program in Spain, Rome and Paris.