Affordable IU BSN Degree

In 2010, the Institute of Medicine recommended that 80% of the nurse workforce have their BSN or higher. Why? Better patient outcomes. YOU want to become a nurse to help people & a BSN can better prepare you to be the best nurse you can be.

  • Earn more! According to PayScale, the average annual earning potential for a nurse with an RN is about $68k, with an ADN is $73k, and with a BSN is $89k.
  • Be promotable! Having your BSN is often a requirement to lead or manage a team of nurses or to work in departments that have greater patient care requirements.
  • Be ready for industry changes! Hospitals and healthcare institutions are incentivised to have nurses with their BSN, and more & more, they are beginning to require a BSN so they can prove their dedication to better patient care.

Why IU East Online? First and foremost, you'll earn an affordable, prestigious IU degree with an affordable, flexible program that fits into your life, and you get everything you’d expect from an IU education—world-class faculty, innovative programs, and tons of opportunities to explore, lead, and gain meaningful experience.

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