The International Men's March to Stop Rape, Sexual Assault & Gender Violence

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes®

Hey Guys! Step It Up! 👠

For the last 3 years, Indiana University East and Earlham College have hosted a Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® event to raise awareness around the issue of domestic violence and sexual assault. The event continues to grow every year with individuals representing Indiana University East, Earlham College, the Richmond community and beyond to demonstrate their commitment as allies to end sexual violence.

This year, our Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event faces even greater challenges beyond weather. The COVID-19 pandemic makes it hard to get together as a large group to raise awareness, but that’s not keeping us from getting the word out about the impact of sexual and interpersonal violence in our communities.

We are excited to announce that our 4th annual Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® event will go VIRTUAL! We hope that by getting people walking THROUGHOUT our local communities (and beyond) we can INCREASE awareness of interpersonal violence in 2020.

What is a VIRTUAL Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® Event?

A virtual walk event is one that can be completed anywhere during the timeframe identified. You can participate in your neighborhood, favorite park, or community streets. As long as you walk for at least one (1) mile for this event, you have completed the VIRTUAL Walk a Mile in Her Shoes.

  • Registration begins on October 1, 2020. To register, visit
  • Facebook Live Kickoff for the event will take place on Monday, October 19, 2020 at 11 a.m.
  • Walk in the community of your choice at any time during the week of October 19 - October 23, 2020
  • Take pictures/videos you can share on Facebook or Twitter. Make sure to tag @IUEastTitleIX and use the hashtag #walkamilewc. Everyone who registers and submits a picture and/or video will be entered to win a pair of Apple Airpods!
  • Donations benefit: Genesis of Richmond, Inc., a Women's shelter and center for counseling, advocacy and support. Donations will be collected on site. Learn more about the march at
  • Facebook Live Closing Ceremonies will take place on October 23rd at 2 p.m.


Awards will be presented during the Facebook Live Closing Ceremony for the following categories:

  • Top Individual Fundraiser
  • Top Team Fundraiser
  • Top Department Fundraiser – IU East vs. Earlham College
    • IU East/Earlham College faculty, staff and students are encouraged to create a team and compete for this coveted award.  Bragging rights from last year’s event go to Academic Affairs – IU East.  The word is out that the Earlham College Baseball Team is eager to win this award this year.  The challenge is on!
  • Best Shoe


The Indiana University East/Earlham College Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event will benefit Genesis of Richmond, Inc.  The mission-driven work of Genesis is dedicated to serving victims of domestic violence and sexual assault by providing services for healing the effects of interpersonal trauma and offering resources to build healthy relationships and lifestyles with the hope of a new beginning.  Genesis services victims and secondary victims in Wayne, Union, and Fayette Counties in Indiana.  A range of services are offered to empower clients to get through a time of crisis in a safe, healthy, and clean environment.  Services offered include shelter, victim advocacy, counseling, and community outreach.

History of Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® Events

Since 2001, communities across the world have been holding annual Walk a Mile in Her Shoes events to support victims of domestic and sexual violence. A Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® event is a playful opportunity for individuals to raise awareness in their community about the serious causes, effects, and remediations to sexualized violence against women.  During this one mile walk, many men (and women) choose to walk the route wearing high-heeled shoes to demonstrate their commitment to the cause of ending interpersonal violence, particularly against women.

Join the fun!

Spread the word with #WalkAMileWC

Thanks to Indiana University East for having us out today for Walk a Mile in Her Shoes ®! #WalkAMileWC #WalkAMileInHerShoes

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Have I mentioned I love my job?!? Men across campus today strutted their stuff in high heels to start a discussion on...

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The "Walk a Mile in Her Shoes" event at IU East today was a fun way to raise awareness of sexualized violence toward women. #WalkAMileWC

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We’re about ready to Walk A Mile In Her Shoes at Indiana University East! #WalkAMileWC

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