Be ready to manage your money

Insurance, health savings accounts, 401k's...?

It might seem like a lot to juggle, but with a little education and planning (and dare we say saving?), the transition to the working world will go much more smoothly.

IU students get access to a lot of resources to help with personal finances, so use them!  Get your financial plan in order before you graduate.

BUS-F 260: Personal Finance (3 cr.)

This 3-credit class gives you a comprehensive introduction to the concepts of personal finance. It provides a complete framework for understanding the process of accumulating and protecting personal wealth, emphasizing the analysis of risk/return relationships, as well as learning to understand investment alternatives and how strategies develop as life situations mature.

How to spend less and get more


Check out jobs available on-campus, off-campus (via Handshake), and if you find a paid internship on Handshake or elsewhere, apply!

Apply for grants & scholarships!

There are opportunities everywhere, especially for degrees in fields where there are shortages (like Nursing and Education).

Be strategic!

Full-time tuition allows you to take 12-18 credit hours per semester. If you can manage it, take the full 18 to get the most for your money. You might even graduate early!