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About the Internship Program

  • Students must be enrolled with Indiana University East
  • For credit internships are only available for degree-seeking students
  • Junior or Senior grade level (Freshmen and Sophomores exceptions when appropriate)
  • GPA maintained at recommended 2.5 or above (some employers/placements require higher)
  • Critique of résumé by the Office of Career Services staff
  • Permission/approval from an academic faculty supervisor (in order to register and receive academic credit)

International students seeking curricular practical training (CPT), like an internship or job shadowing, must follow the rules that apply to your employment so you do not jeopardize your immigration status.​

Curricular Practical Training (CPT) is work integral to your program that you do for an off-campus employer in your field of study while you are enrolled as a student. CPT may also be used when you want to work on campus more than 20 hours per week during the fall and spring semesters.

Review the rules and information regarding the CPT process on IU's Office of International Services (OIS) website.

Additional opportunities

Some specialized programs, like Psychology and Social Work, can connect you to even more internship opportunities. Talk to your advisor to learn more.

We recommend that you register your internship with our office, and take advantage of Career Services resources when applying!

Don't see what you want in our Internship & Job Board? Research places you think you want to work and apply for internships they offer. You can also browse other Internship websites for opportunities:

Accepted an Internship Offer?

Congratulations! Select your type of internship to see next steps:

  1. Talk to your academic advisor or Career Services staff about the best way to pursue and get approval for course credit for your internship.
  2. Register your internship with the Office of Career Services.
  3. Complete the participation agreement.
  4. Once you've been notified that your internship has been approved for course credit (usually by a Department Chair or faculty member), register for the internship course. If you're unsure about which course to take or how many credits to register for, talk to your academic advisor.
    • Please note: if the internship course pushes you above the 18 credit banded tuition limit, you will be charged course fees per additional credit hour.
    • The total number of hours you must work to meet course requirements is dictated by the number of credit hours you take (your internship host/site may set their own requirements as well). 30-50 working hours meets 1 academic credit, so:
      • 3 credits = 90-150 hours
      • 6 credits = 180-300 hours
  5. Complete all tasks required by your internship host/site and internship supervisor.
  6. On the first day of your internship, sit down with your site supervisor to create and submit the Internship Learning Agreement.
  7. Have a great experience!

  1. Register your internship with the Office of Career Services.
  2. Complete the participation agreement.
  3. Complete all tasks required by your internship host/site and internship supervisor.
  4. On the first day of your internship, sit down with your site supervisor to create and submit the Internship Learning Agreement.
  5. Have a great experience!

The Importance of an Internship

IU East Career Services presented on Facebook Live, Interned to Employed: National Intern Day, July 29, 2021. This video was shown during the Facebook Live event. This is Alexis, a School of Business and Economic student has has excelled in her internship experience and time at IU East. 

Description of the video:

Hello, my name is Alexis and I currently attend to Indiana University East. I am a senior anticipated to graduate in December of 2021. I currently major in business with a concentration in accounting and finance. Back in August of 2020, I had decided to take up an internship opportunity with Tiedemann-Bevs Industries here in Richmond, Indiana. And with this internship has brought a lot of valuable knowledge to me that I am very confident will help me in my future careers. With this internship, I am able to learn under a CPA, which is very important to me as I hopes to one day sit for my own CPA exam. And with that being said, I do have to meet a certain amount of requirements. One being the hours that I do work with a CPA. With this, this allows me to get some hands-on experience and get some knowledge for the foundation that was built at Indiana University East. I am a very hands-on, very visual learner. So learning in the classroom was fantastic. That gave me a really good foundation of what I need to know and what I need to build off of. But going to Tiedemann-Bevs Industries has allowed me to see real life examples which change every single day and has allowed me to take the foundation at IU East and has allowed me to build building blocks on that for my future careers and for my future jobs and whatever else I might want to go back to school for, whether that's getting my CPA or getting my MBA, whatever that might be. What this internship I'm able to ask questions which is really nice because like I said earlier, I do get to learn some real life examples all the time. And those examples change every single day as circumstances change. And with this industry, it was really cool to see how this company had flowed through a pandemic, which is something that was new for everybody. So we all had to navigate through that together. And that has allowed us to all learn from each other and to all, just especially for myself to be able to ask those questions that I need to ask. I know with this I'm able to learn all aspects of the company, Tiedemann-Bevs Industries have given me that option. And so I'm able to work with our customers and with our vendors. And I'm able to take just different areas of the company and able to build building blocks outside of accounting and outside of finance as well. So with that, I hope that this has helped you to make your decision of if you want to search for an internship or not, I would highly recommend it. It has truly helped me a lot. And what my knowledge was in accounting with just school and now what it is having that hands-on experience. So again, thank you so much for watching and for listening. I hope that you will take this video and that you will take heavy consideration into doing an internship.

Real experiences

Tiani Christian smiling and holding a baseball in the Richmond Jazz baseball team ticket booth.

Finding her strike zone

Tiani Christian, a communications major, interned with the Richmond Jazz serving as the Director of Sales & Social Media!

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Sybil Roseboro.

Finding her calling

A summer internship at Centerstone has reaffirmed Sybil Roseboro’s decision to work directly with people to help them with challenges they’re facing.

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Alex Sefton smiling while standing in front of the Decatur County Community Foundation.

Online education, in-person internship

He says he already has forged strong connections with fellow workers at the foundation. “One of things I love is how flexible things are. It’s like a little family,” Sefton explains.

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Caysey Farmer examining some documents while walking up stairs in the Rush County courthouse.

Finding the right case

During her internship with Judge Hill, while was on the bench presiding over a case, Caysey was in the courtroom. Later, the two would discuss a suspect’s record or how Hill perceived the legal issues and reached the decisions that he made.

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