Getting your diploma

Changing your name on your diploma

The name on your diploma will be the same as your primary name on record. You can request a variation of your legal name (for example, first or middle initial instead of your full first or middle name) on your degree.

Learn how to change your degree name

Get an electronic diploma

If you graduated in May 2018 or after, you have the option to get a CeDiploma—an official, secure, and verifiable proof of your degree completion.

CeDiplomas can be used by future employers, licensing agencies, or any other third party to verify your achievement. After you have purchased your CeDiploma, you may share it with anyone you choose.

Once your CeDiploma is available (unless you have a hold on your record), you will be sent an email to your IU email providing you ordering details. You don’t have to wait for the email to pre-order one, though. Simply search “electronic diplomas” in One.IU to access the application site.