Research & Creative Work

Summer Salary

Faculty on academic-year appointments may receive summer appointments on external grants or contracts at a weekly rate not to exceed 2.5 percent of the previous academic-year salary (AYS). Ordinarily, summer appointments are for nine weeks (22.5 percent AYS). Some agencies restrict the amount of summer salary that may be requested. For example, the NSF limited the amount of summer salary that can be requested to 22.2 percent of the AYS. Appointments may extend to a maximum of eleven weeks (27.5 percent AYS) if permitted by the agency.

While appointments to a maximum of thirteen weeks full-time (32.5 percent AYS) may be requested, appointments in excess of eleven weeks, whether wholly or partly supported by grant or contract funds, are strongly discouraged. Exceptions to the eleven-week (27.5 percent) limitation will be made only with justification and with approval, in advance, by the Office of Academic Affairs.