Student Research Day


Poster Presentations

Serena Brown
Comparing Chopin Op. 68 No. 4 on the Fortepiano and Modern Piano

Cade Brubaker, Stella Shellabarger, Laura Billing, Maddy Harmon, and Rikki Phenis
Red Wolves Recycle

Jamie Inman
Decolonizing Archaeology through Repatriation

Richard McHone
The Curious Life of Sir Isaac Newton

Katelynn Russell, Ryan Tincher, and Nick Mustin
Testing Turner’s Thermal Features

Casey Smith
The Struggle for Oak Flat

Amanda Strycker
Childhood Adversities on the Development of Personality Disorders

Amanda Strycker
How Writing Can Be a Therapeutic Process

Oral Presentations

Alex Austerman
Traveling Post-Pandemic: A Qualitative Analysis of Push and Pull Factors

Brandon Beaver
Effective Statecraft: Where Theory Meets Practical Leadership in Politics

Alina Fore
Disadvantages of Digital Textbooks

Alex Hakes
The Fall of Spain in the Global Market Not yet available

Sam Roberts
Media Narratives and COVID-19

John Sun
Nisei: At War Abroad and At Home

Diana Thomas
The Influence of Immigrants of the Foods of the New England and Middle American Colonies

Sidne Thompson, Tyler Wilson, and Kinzie Clark
Quality Initiatives on a Progressive Care Unit

Sara Toschlog
Classical Vocal Training Not yet available

Honors Showcase

Madalyn Drew
Expanding the Scope of the Spiral of Silence Theory to Increase Relevance the Digital Age

Noah Fox and Reggie Reuss
Table Tennis Tease Not yet available

James Gregory
Overcoming Recycling Challenges

Jessica Maupin
Success by Design

Richard McHone
Fisher Information and Probability Distributions

Matthew Paterson
Bioinformatic and Experimental Research to Identify the Function of Yeast Gene YJL206C

Claire Presson
Effects of Recess on Student Learning

Joao Vitor de Lima
Women in Banking

SUMRS Presentations

Madalyn Drew
Peacebuilding in a Culturally Divided Nation

Emily Hatch
School Assignment Within Indiana

Jonathan Kerby-White
Procedures to Evaluate Mathematical Propositions Not yet available

Richard McHone
Convolution Inequalities with Probability Distributions

Rahil Najafabadi
New York in Poetry

Kyle Raihala
Measuring Air Pollution Where Cyclists Ride. Do the Benefits of Cycling Outweigh the Risks?

John Sun
Intercultural Junctures: Episodes of Conflict and Resolution in Asian American History