IU Print: Secure, Easy & Flexible

At IU East, your print jobs are sent to a central server which is connected to all IU printers available for student use. What does that mean for you?

  1. You can print from IU East computers and your own devices.
  2. Your document follows your CrimsonCard. Say you're running late for class and need to print a paper, but the person ahead of you in line is taking for-ev-er. Hunt down a different printer, swipe your CrimsonCard, and your document follows you there, ready to print! Learn how to print.
  3. See a typo after you sent a document to print? No worries! As long as you don't print it, it won't count against your print allotment.

How many pages can I print?

Each semester, you receive print credits that you "spend" as you print (called a print allotment). The number you receive depends on your enrollment status.

Print credits allotted per semester
(undergraduate & graduate students)
Enrollment statusPrint credits
Full-time (4 or more credit hours)26
Part-time (3 or fewer credit hours)13
Admitted, not enrolled 2

1 Print Credit = 25 black & white pages* OR 4 color pages*

* Quantities calculated for single-sided printing (simplex). Get more out of your print credits by printing double-sided (duplex)!

How to print

Send a document to print

There are many options to send your document to IU printers. You can use:

  • your personal laptop or tablet (Windows | macOS), 
  • your mobile device
  • IUanyWare, or 
  • computers in student technology centers (select EA_BW_Printers for black and white or EA_Color_Printers for color).

Print your document

  1. Find a printer! Check out the complete list of printers available to students at IU East.
  2. Swipe your CrimsonCard.
  3. Select the document you want to print.
  4. Hit the 'Print' button.

Having trouble? Get IT Help.

Printer Locations

HY 009
HY 115, 
Information Commons
HY 140, 
HY 225
RW 102, 
Graf Center
RW 202F, 
Math & Science Resource Center and Writing Center
TR 102
TR 226
WZ 208