Licensure Exams

One of the requirements for educator licensure is the successful completion of licensure exams. Exams can be intimidating, but that's what we're here for!  

Licensure exams are required to measure your performance in two areas of assessment:

  1. Developmental (Pedagogy) Area Assessment
    • You're required to compete one of four tests most relevant to the grade (or span of grades) you intend to teach.
    • This test provides the licensing board with assurance that you're well-prepared to teach to your students' developmental levels.
  2. Content Area Assessment
    • There are over available fifty content assessment areas!  Depending on your goals as a teacher, you may only need to take one or you may need (or want) to take several.

You must earn a passing score in both areas to be considered for licensure. 

Which exams should I take?

There are a lot of different subjects, grades, competencies, etc... that a teacher may pursue, and so, there are a lot of different exams to match. Each candidate will need to pass at least one basic skills exam, at least one pedagogy exam, and at least one content area exam. It can be confusing, so we recommended meeting with one of our licensing advisors to make sure you're on the right track.