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Real experiences

Tiani Christian smiling and holding a baseball in the Richmond Jazz baseball team ticket booth.

Finding her strike zone

Tiani Christian, a communications major, interned with the Richmond Jazz serving as the Director of Sales & Social Media!

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Sybil Roseboro.

Finding her calling

A summer internship at Centerstone has reaffirmed Sybil Roseboro’s decision to work directly with people to help them with challenges they’re facing.

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Alex Sefton smiling while standing in front of the Decatur County Community Foundation.

Online education, in-person internship

He says he already has forged strong connections with fellow workers at the foundation. “One of things I love is how flexible things are. It’s like a little family,” Sefton explains.

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Caysey Farmer examining some documents while walking up stairs in the Rush County courthouse.

Finding the right case

During her internship with Judge Hill, while was on the bench presiding over a case, Caysey was in the courtroom. Later, the two would discuss a suspect’s record or how Hill perceived the legal issues and reached the decisions that he made.

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