Meet the Dean

Daren Snider, Ph.D.

Office: IU East, Tom Raper Hall, 330A
Phone: 765-973-8495
Email: dpsnider@iu.edu 

Welcome to the School of Humanities & Social Sciences

Thank you for visiting the School of Humanities and Social Sciences’ (HSS) website. Explore the many academic programs and experiences we offer to Indiana University East undergraduate and graduate students. HSS students work with highly-qualified and dedicated faculty who are talented and caring educators and renowned researchers in their respective disciplines.

Consider a major or a minor in one of the many disciplines within Humanities and Social Science. Take a course in history, music, psychology, or literature; travel to one of numerous locations in the world as part of a study abroad course; participate in experiential travel within the US; complete an internship locally or regionally; conduct research and present at Student Research Day; engage with service learning; join a club or organization; get involved!

Our students receive expert advising and support from our highly-qualified professional advisors and from faculty mentors. They help you shape your academic career, selecting classes that you need for your major and various electives; they offer advice about potential careers and graduate school along with many other opportunities.

Upon graduation, you can embark on a career in fields such as law enforcement, technical writing and editing, grant writing, counseling, education, law, public administration and service, public relations, telecommunications, nonprofit administration, art, music, politics, international affairs, and many more.

Please contact us or any of the faculty or staff with any questions about HSS. We hope to see you in many of our classes in the future!


Daren Snider
Dean, School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Professor, World Languages and Cultures

Margaret Thomas Evans
Associate Dean, School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Associate Professor, English

The mission of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences is to ignite and maintain students’ intellectual curiosity and critical thinking by providing meaningful learning experiences and promoting academic excellence.

The school encourages exploration of the many dimensions of the human condition through teaching, scholarly and creative activities, and service.

We strive to create a welcoming community building upon diversity, equity, and inclusivity that prepares students to live and work in an increasingly interconnected world, both local and global.

The School of Humanities & Social Sciences will be recognized as a model regional campus and leader in higher education in the region. In achieving this vision we will:

  • Lead in innovative, high-impact pedagogy such as experiential learning, emphasizing real-life applications, collaborative connections, and community and global engagement.
  • Mentor students to develop the knowledge and skills to empower them to transform communities and serve in a diverse and dynamic world.
  • Achieve an atmosphere of intellectual curiosity, inclusivity, and engaged citizenship.

Supportive Environment: Sufficient resources, opportunities, positive relationships

Diversity: Awareness of perspectives and backgrounds, inclusivity and equity

Adaptability: Innovation, rigor, collaboration, personal relationships

High Impact: Experiential learning, research with students, community engagement

Career Focus: Critical thinking, lifelong learning

Initiative 1 - Curriculum & Programs

  • Goal #1 Grow enrollments
  • Goal #2 Increase opportunities for transferable professional skills
  • Goal #3 Develop programs that meet the 21st century needs of our region

Initiative 2 - Growth & Sustainability

  • Goal #1 Increase visibility of contributions to the campus culture and larger community
  • Goal #2 Promote and highlight student success
  • Goal #3 Promote growth and sustainability through further addressing resource needs

Initiative 3 - Outreach

  • Goal #1 Market faculty and events
  • Goal #2 Create strategic partnerships with discipline-specific community organizations
  • Goal #3 Build a culture of community engagement

Initiative 4 - Relationships

  • Goal #1 Enhance faculty-student relationships through mentoring
  • Goal #2 Enhance student skillset marketability through mentoring

Initiative 5 - Scholarly & Creative Inquiry

  • Goal #1 Recognize and promote faculty and student engagement in research, including scholarship of teaching and learning
  • Goal #2 Increase flexibility to allow for more time for faculty to engage in research and creative activities
  • Goal #3 Expand opportunities to engage and collaborate with colleagues, students, and communities

Initiative 6 - Teaching & Learning

  • Goal #1 Develop adjunct support and institutional connectedness
  • Goal #2 Encourage the implementation of hip in Online and F2F class offerings
  • Goal #3 Enhance and expand faculty and student collaboration to increase student success

    HSS Strategic Plan 2022-2026

School Leadership

Margaret Thomas Evans

Associate Dean
Whitewater Hall 275

Rosalie Aldrich

Chair, Communication Studies
Tom Raper Hall 240

Kelly Blewett

Writing Program Director, English
Whitewater Hall 276

Denise Bullock

Chair, Anthropology
Chair, Geography
Chair, Sociology
Tom Raper Hall 268

Justin Carroll

Chair, History
Chair, Philosophy
Chair, Religious Studies
Chair, World Languages and Cultures
Tom Raper Hall 242

Brian Brodeur

Director of Graduate Programs, English
Whitewater Hall 263

Edwina Helton

Director, Women's and Gender Studies
Whitewater Hall 269

Jessica Raposo

Chair, Fine and Performing Arts
Springwood 223

E. Scott Lee

Chair, Criminal Justice and Political Science
Tom Raper Hall 252

Carrie Longley

Director, Art Gallery
Tom Raper Hall 160

Deborah Miller

Chair, Psychology
Tom Raper Hall 238

Tanya Perkins

Chair, English
Whitewater Hall 272

Joe Huber

Director of Public Speaking and the Communication Center, Communication Studies
Tom Raper Hall 256

Wazir Mohamed

Program Coordinator, International Studies
Tom Raper Hall 266

Natalia Rybas

Director, Graduate Programs
Program Coordinator, General Studies
Tom Raper Hall 250