Pathway to a Philosophy Degree

  • Are you interested in getting a B.A. in Philosophy? Begin your study at IU East and seamlessly transfer to another IU regional campus to complete the philosophy degree through a program called the humanities collective! There are no additional costs associated with the program and you don’t even have to move or physically attend classes on another campus. How does it work?

The Value of Studying Philosophy

Studying philosophy teaches students valuable skills that help prepare them for graduate school or for a wide variety of jobs upon graduation.

Some skills developed by philosophy majors include “critical thinking, problem-solving, speaking, writing, research, and organization”.

The skills they learn help them to expand their minds and think in more open-minded ways, approaching situations with the mindset that there is no single right answer. This mindset, in turn, helps them to solve problems in creative ways.

Students who major in philosophy have the option to specialize in specific philosophical areas such as education, science, humanities, the arts, ethics and morality, politics, and cognition.

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