The Pantry: Food & Toiletries

Here for you when times are tough

The Pantry provides food and toiletries to students in need. Students can visit once per month (bring your Crimson Card!). Emergency assistance is available as needed.

A message from the IU East community: You're here to earn a college degree. When times are tough and money is tight, it takes grit and courage to keep fighting for that goal. We're proud of you and we're here to help you through. So keep your head up, your mind and body nourished, and know that you are a part of the IU East family.

Questions? Contact the Center for Health Promotion at 765-973-8216, or stop by Hayes Hall, room 064.

Donate to the Pantry

Thank you for considering making a donation to The Pantry!

Due to COVID-19, we are currently not accepting donations of food and toiletries, however donations to the Pantry Fund are greatly appreciated! Please contact us at 765-973-8216 with questions or click the Give Now button to donate.

We make sure all food we provide is safe for distribution and are required to discard food that doesn't meet certain requirements (listed below):

Below are key aspects to keeping the food in the pantries safe for distribution.

Integrity of packaging

  • Cans should be free of dents. Dents on top, bottom, and side seams can result in Botulism.
  • Protective packaging should be free of rips, tears, or compromise. Packages may not be repaired.
  • Foods should not be repackaged.


  • All dates on packaged goods must be clearly understandable. If not, the products may not be used.
  • Foods with a “Best-by” date must be used or discarded no more than 18 months after the date.
  • All foods with a “Use-by” date must be used or discarded by that date.
  • All perishable food must be distributed or discarded by the “Sell-by” date.
  • All perishable food must be distributed or discarded by the “Expiration” date.

Baby and Infant Foods

  • Baby formula may not be distributed after any date on the packaging.
  • Baby and infant foods may not be distributed after the “use-by” or “expiration” date.

Food Pantries on the IU campuses are registered food facilities within the IU Food Program’s jurisdiction and inspected by the IU Public Health group. The Pantries are subject to the Indiana Food Code 410 IAC 7-24.