21st Century Scholars

Are you receiving Indiana’s 21st Century Scholarship?

If so, you know that you have requirements to meet to maintain that scholarship all the way to graduation. The 21st Century Scholars Success Coach  is available to answer any questions you have about your scholarship eligibility and requirements, and can assist with navigating the ScholarTrack website where you log your information for the state.

If you are ever considering dropping a class, you need to contact our office to determine how that could impact your scholarship for the current and future semesters.

The 21st Century Scholars Success Coach  can help you:

  • Stay on track by helping you understand the tasks you need to complete (credit hour requirements, FAFSA filing, Satisfactory Academic Progress [SAP]) each year.
  • Navigate challenges that arise in your collegiate journey.
  • Find and participate in college engagement and career prep activities.

Learn More Indiana maintains all information about 21st Century Scholarship requirements for college students so check there for details about the requirements.

Identify your mentor/champion

Your mentor is someone who can guide and support you throughout college and into the workforce. You may already know who that is, or you might need help finding someone. For many, especially in your first year, your success coach can be your mentor. As you progress in your studies, you may find a trusted faculty member, community leader, or advisor who you'd like to take on this role.

Contact the 21st Century Scholars Success Coach  with any questions about choosing your mentor.