IU East to add 40 full-time positions

December 2, 2011 |

Hayes Hall

Indiana University East has launched an unprecedented job search for 40 full-time faculty, administrators and professional staff to further enhance the campus’ mission as a comprehensive bachelor’s and master’s degree institution.

“These positions will add nearly $3 million in salaries and benefits to our local economy annually,” said Chancellor Nasser Paydar.  “These are national searches for highly qualified faculty, whose research and creative work will further enhance the cultural and economic well-being of the region.”

The campus currently employs 409 faculty and staff; 245 of those are full-time. Of the 40 full-time positions being searched, 34 will have faculty rank.  IU East is in the process of filling the positions with the majority to begin by the 2012 fall semester.

“IU East has experienced unprecedented growth in its student base over the past four years. While much of this growth has been handled through greater efficiencies and productivity enhancement, some of it cannot be handled without hiring additional faculty and staff,” said Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Larry Richards.

Enrollment at IU East has grown to 3,725 students, a 65-percent increase over the past four years.  IU East has also added more than 20 new academic programs in the last four years.  During that period, the campus has continued to set new records for enrollment, retention, and graduation.

“The addition of new faculty and staff positions will not only enhance the quality of the educational experience at IU East, it will also bring to the community new citizens who will contribute to the growth of the regional economy. The economic development of our region depends on the education of its citizens, and institutions of higher education like IU East and Ivy Tech are providing that education with increasing quantity and quality,” Richards said.