Get ready for your future

As you near the end of your IU East career, there are a few things you’ll need to know about graduation and beyond.

First, graduation is different than the ceremony where you wear your cap & gown and celebrate your graduation from IU East; that's called Commencement. Graduation is simply the process where you submit your application for graduation, we confirm that you're eligible for your degree, and your degree is conferred; then you're an official college graduate!

Second, graduation occurs four times per year, depending on the semester you complete your degree requirements and your on-time application.

Complete degree requirements in:Graduate in:
Summer 1end of June
Summer 2August

Third, find out if you're eligible to graduate with academic distinction, and how to get permission to graduate with more than one IU degree (for double majors or students completing a second degree after receiving their first one).

You must apply to graduate

All degree candidates must apply to graduate. Submitting a graduation application means:

  • Your degree will be awarded.
  • You will receive a diploma.
  • You will receive important Commencement information.
  • Your name will appear in the Commencement program.

Degrees will not be awarded without a graduation application on file with your school. Contact your degree auditor with questions.

If you applied to graduate for a previous date, but did not graduate, you must reapply for a future term.

Graduation Applications

You can apply for graduation online using the below selection for undergraduate or graduate programs. Once you have submitted your application for graduation, you will receive a copy of your submission and instructions on next steps toward degree conferral.

Apply for graduation with a bachelor's degree or undergraduate certificate

Apply for graduation with a master's degree or graduate certificate

Degree auditors

Students are responsible for submitting their application for graduation by the deadlines shown above. Graduation applications are forwarded to the degree auditor and the Office of Student Records upon submission.

If you have any questions regarding your graduation status, please contact your degree auditor or academic advisor directly.

Auditors by school/program
School/programDegree auditor
General StudiesMarcus Bingham 
B.S. in NursingAmanda Carmack 
R.N. to B.S.N

B.S. in Applied Health Science
Karen Clark
Schools of Business & Economics (BUSE) and Informatics (INFO),
School of Humanities & Social Sciences (HSS), and School of Natural Science & Mathematics (NSM)
Marcus Bingham 
School of Education (EDUC)Carla Bowen 
School of Social Work (SWK)Lisa Steiner 

Auditors by school/program
School/programDegree auditor
M.A. in English and Online English Graduate Certificates (Composition Studies, Literature, and Language and Literature)Brian Brodeur 
M.A. in Mental Health CounselingBeth Trammell
M.S. in Criminal Justice and Public SafetyStephanie Whitehead
M.S. in ManagementDarla Lane
M.S. in NursingPaula Baumann 
Online Graduate Certificate and MAT in MathematicsHee Seok Nam
Online Graduate Certificate in History, MAT in History and MA in HistoryDaron Olson
(765) 973-8475
Online Graduate Certificate in Political Science, MAT in Political Science and MA in Political ScienceScott Lee
MSEd, Educational Technology for LearningCarla Bowen 
MAT in FrenchJulien Simon
Graduate Certificate in SpanishFelix Burgos
Online Graduate Certificate in Biology and MAT in BiologyYu Kay Law
Online Graduate Certificate in Chemistry, and MAT in ChemistryYu Kay Law
Online Graduate Certificate in Communication Studies and online Master of Liberal StudiesNatalia Rybas
School of Education (EDUC)Carla Bowen 
School of Social Work (SWK)Lisa Steiner 

When is it official?

You are officially a college graduate on your "conferral date", or the date that your degree is "conferred" or officially awarded to you.

After your final grades have been posted and it's confirmed that all of your degree requirements have been fulfilled and verified, you will receive an email at your IU email address informing you:

  • of your accomplishment,
  • of your conferral date,
  • and when to expect your diploma.

Your conferral date will appear on your diploma and transcript.

Posting of Degrees

It takes some time for your degree to be posted and to appear on your student record after your conferral date. The amount of time it takes to post a degree is variable due to final grading deadlines and reviews for completion by School degree auditing staff and faculty. Once your degree is posted, you will see it listed on your Unofficial and Official Transcript.

When requesting an Official Transcript with your degree posted, keep in mind the following degree conferral periods – Transcripts with degree posting are available for:

  • May graduates by late May
  • June graduates by mid-July
  • August graduates by late August
  • December graduates by mid-January.

Graduating with more than one degree?

If you're a double major and/or have met the degree requirements to graduate with a second Bachelor's degree, congratulations!

We'll need to take special steps to verify that you've met all the necessary requirements for both degrees. Get this process started by applying for permission to graduate with an additional degree:

  1. Complete the Permission to Apply for a Second Degree form before the graduation application deadline for the semester you expect to complete your degree requirements (learn more about deadlines and graduation dates at the top of this page).
  2. Return it in-person, by mail, or by email to the Office of the Registrar.

You'll be notified of your approval (or issues with your request) by your degree auditor.