IU East announces 2013 scholarship recipients

November 25, 2013 |

Indiana University East has awarded $78,000 in donor-funded scholarships to incoming freshmen and returning students for the 2013-2014 academic year.

Stephanie Hays-Mussoni, director of Gift Development, said over 130 students received scholarships from donor-based scholarships.

“The multiple scholarships for our students are made possible by the generosity of donors from around our region. Without these opportunities many students would have a difficult time attaining their college degree,” Hays-Mussoni said.

Incoming freshman students are eligible to receive scholarships once they submit their application for admission to IU East. Awards are distributed based on academic criteria and merit scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis.

IU East is proud to announce all the students receiving scholarships this year provided through donor support. The list of recipients is below.

For more information about scholarships at IU East, contact Stephanie Hays-Mussoni, director of Gift Development, at (765) 973-8331 or e-mail shaysmus@iue.edu. For more information about Financial Aid, contact the office at (765) 973-8206.

Joe Barker Memorial Scholarship
Autida Tran, Centerville, Ind.

Ruth Brown Scholarship
Ashley, Lahey, Winchester, Ind. and Hannah Sutton, Hagerstown, Ind.

Bette G. Davenport Alumni Scholarship
Mariah Martin, Parker City, Ind.

Emogene Fleming Memorial Nursing Scholarship
Tiara Smith, Richmond, Ind.

Lee and Jacqueline Fleming Nursing Scholarship
Sonya Wathen, Dupont, Ind.

Glenn and Joyce Goerke Scholarship
Dylan Newman, Fountain City, Ind.

J. Brandon Griffis Memorial Scholarship
Shelby Mirris, Losantville, Ind.

Grohsmeyer Psychology Fund Scholarship
Misty Brumfield, Lawrenceburg, Ind., Lorrick Gibson, Lynn, Ind., Megan Nichols, Portland, Ind., Angel Schiering, Brookville, Ind., Louella Schoenfeld, Connersville, Ind., Lori Stephens, Carthage, Ind., and Katey  Tolly, Richmond, Ind.

Sally Grohsmeyer Social Work Fund Scholarship
Felicia Chagdes and Julie Stingley, both of Richmond, Ind.

Havinghurst Scholarship
Kara Beatty, Arcanum, Ohio, Ashlee Brown, Bradford, Ohio, Elizabeth Brown, Tucson, Ariz., Brittney Caylor, Brookville, Ind., Stacy Emmons, Richmond, Ind., Sarah Jett, Lewisville, Ind., Lily Jordan, Richmond, Ind., David Lawrence, Richmond, Ind., and Jessica Schuck, Connersville, Ind.

Helen Lee’s Honors Program Scholarship
Rachel Phenis, Lynn, Ind.

Henry County IU Alumni Scholarship
Brittany Hethcox and Anthony Moore, both of New Castle, Ind.

Hill Scholarship Scholarship
Hannah Beckley, Lynn, Ind., Hillary Chaney, Centerville, Ind., Christina Cost, Greenville, Ohio, Michael Karns, Greenville, Ohio, Clint Shepherd, Eaton, Ohio, Ashtyn Siefert, Connersville, Ind., Kristin Smith, Richmond, Ind., Shawna Smith, Lynn, Ind, Ronnie Swango, Connersville, Ind., Eric Venable, Glennwood, Ind., and Jorge Perez-Orduno, Richmond, Ind.

Israel David Edelman Memorial Scholarship
Hannah Dalbey, Danielle Lear, and Amanda Tuggle, all of Richmond, Ind.

IU East Alumni Scholarship
Brittany Hethcox, New Castle, Ind., and Elizabeth Livingston, New Weston, Ohio

IU East Building Fund Scholarship
Daniel Printz, Arcanum, Ohio

IU East Honors Program
Erik Baker, Richmond, Ind., Christine Carrera, Richmond, Ind., Felicia Chagdes, Richmond, Ind., Jessica Cordell, Richmond, Ind., Alexis Doughty, Portland, Ind., Donnie Estes, Richmond, Ind., Christopher Halberstadt, Cambridge City, Ind., Ashley Hall, Connersville, Ind., Cheltsi Hinners, Centerville, Ind., Alexis Hurd, Richmond, Ind., Mariah    Marshall, Eaton, Ohio,  McKenna Marshall, Eaton, Ohio, Kelsey Meyer, Eaton, Ohio, Rachel Money, Cedar Grove, Ind. Chelsy Nichols, Connersville, Ind., Rachel Phenis, Lynn, Ind., Samantha Powers, Fairfield Heather Proctor, Richmond, Ind., Brooke  Sahm, Indianapolis, Ind., Rebecca Schuck, Centerville, Ind., Lori Stephens, Carthage, Ind., Michael Teufel, Richmond, Ind., Katherine Wooten, Brookville, Ind., and Emily O’Brien, Richmond, Ind. (Joanne Passet Research Award)

IU East Pride of the Pack Legacy Scholarship
Keith Miller, Metamora, Ind. (Freshman) and Katelyn Wilkinson, Cambridge City, Ind. (Returning)

IU East Professional Council Scholarship
Carissa Schutte, Bloomington, Ind.

IU East Staff Council Scholarship
Kevin Brattain, Cambridge City, Ind., Rose Hite, Greenfield, Ind., Rebecca Jessee, New Castle, Ind., and Shelia Storms, Richmond, Ind.

Juanita Rothert Nursing Scholarship
Lyndsey Rohrer, Richmond, Ind.

Lingle Scholars
Olivia Robinson, Hagerstown, Ind. and Logan Ullery, Richmond, Ind.

Allan B. McCrea Memorial Scholarship
Richard Carrera, Richmond, Ind., Jerry Stamper, Richmond, Ind., Natalie Stephen, Fountain City, Ind. and Tobin Swafford, Richmond, Ind.

Becky Melton Scholarship
Sarah Jett, Lewisville, Ind.

James Moore Scholarship
Autida Tran, Centerville, Ind.

Bernhard and Amy Morten Memorial Nursing Scholarship
Brooke Sahm, Indianapolis, Ind.

Charlie and Jeanetta Nelms Scholarship
Kylee Buckmaster, Albany, Ind., Ashley Lacy, New Castle, Ind., Shana Lewis, Lewisburg, Ohio, Jennifer Neer, Elkheart, Ind., Elyse Neri, Bensenville, Ill., Kathleen Smith, Yorkville, Ill., Benjamin Wright, Knightstown, Ind., and Kathryn Yohey, Greenville, Ohio

Nottingham Scholarship
Matt Railsback, Richmond, Ind. and Lyndsie Trumbo, Straughn, Ind.

Palladium-Item Scholarship
Hayley Kunkel, Brookville, Ind.

Byron and Betty Park Scholarship
Cierra Caldwell, Connersville, Ind., Angela Craig, Richmond, Ind., and Kaylin Griffin, Albany, Ind.

Ron Powell Memorial Scholarship
Dakota Childers, Eaton, Ohio, Emily Hawn, Eaton, Ohio, Tiffany Smith, Centerville, Ind., Amanda  Tharp, New Madison, Ohio, and David Warwick, Richmond, Ind.

Dick and Joan Reynolds Scholarship
Amanda Maughan, HomoSassa, Fla. and Thomisa Tudor, Richmond, Ind.

William K. Richardson Scholarship
Darin Griffin, Connersville, Ind., Tyler Hofacker, Pitsburg, Ohio, and Morgan Williams, Rushville, Ind.

Judith Roman-Royer Scholarship
Rachel Thomson, Cleveland Heights, Ohio

Grant Spears, Jr. Scholarship
Mary Estridge, Richmond, Ind., and Gregory McAtee, Milan, Ind.

Vigran Family Scholarship
Lynn Baldwin, Centerville, Ind., Cory Cox, Richmond, Ind., Brooke Cox, Richmond, Ind., Kristen Florea, Richmond, Ind., Jessica Holland, Richmond, Chad Lewis, Centerville, Ind., and Korey Mathena, Richmond, Ind.

Arthur M. Vivian Memorial Scholarship
Rachel Buckmeier, Connersville, Ind., Sara Bulmer, Laurel, Ind., Stanton Garrett, West Alexandria, Ohio, Brooke Hartwig, Eaton, Ohio, Kayleen Madden, Laurel, Ind., and Kristie Mongomery, Monticello, Ill.

Harry and Marilyn Voyles Scholarship
Christine Emberton, Jeffersonville, Ind., Courtney Isaacs, Knightstown, Ind., Leslie Marker, Richmond, Ind., Tamara Naylor, Connersville, Ind., Kaitlyn Pugh, Eaton, Ohio, Olivia Riley, Lewisville, Ind., and Cody Schellhaas, Arcanum, Ohio

Whitewater Valley Chapter of the IU Alumni Scholarship
Sierra Bass, Brownsville, Ind., Jeremy Eddy, Greens Fork, Ind., Hailee Martin, Praker City, Ind., Emily O’Brien, Richmond, Ind., Elizabeth Reed, Connersville, Ind., Kaly Reichter, Richmond, Ind., and Kali Wever, Richmond, Ind.,