IU East announces 2016 scholarship recipients

November 10, 2016 |

Indiana University East has awarded $115,895 in donor-funded scholarships to incoming freshmen and returning students for the 2016-2017 academic year.

IU East is proud to announce all the students receiving scholarships this year provided through donor support. The list of recipients is below.

For more information about scholarships at IU East, contact Paula Kay King, director of Gift Development, at (765) 973-8331 or e-mail pkayking@iue.edu. For more information about Financial Aid, contact the office at (765) 973-8206.

Allan B. McCrea Memorial Scholarship
Madison Bixler, Richmond, Ind.
Kurtis Bonner, Hagerstown, Ind.
Kristin Moistner, Richmond, Ind.
Steven Norman, Richmond, Ind.
Lydia Smith, Richmond, Ind.

Arthur M. Vivian Memorial Scholarship
Kyrsten Chisholm, West Lafayette, Ind.
Kaylee Cox, Richmond, Ind.
Joy Fanning, Borden, Ind.
Sierra Snapp, Terre Haute, Ind.
Pasqual Young, West Harrison, Ind.
Nicholas Lenhoff, Denver, N.C.

Becky Melton Scholarship
Morgan Stanley, Winchester, Ind.
Emily Price, New Paris, Ohio

Bernhard and Amy Morten Memorial Scholarship
Alexandra Wolfe, Winchester, Ind.
Elizabeth Livingston, New Weston, Ohio

Bette G. Davenport Alumni Scholarship
Keragan Niehoff, Rushville, Ind.

Byron and Betty Park Scholarship
Kendra Templeton, Connersville, Ind.
Nathan Niehoff, Glenwood, Ind.
Kelsey Anderson, Arcanum, Ohio
Stephanie Eikenberry, Greenville, Ohio

Charlie and Jeanetta Nelms Scholarship
Hanna Burchett, West Harrison, Ind.
Mikayla Kelley, Connersville, Ind.
Alexis Loy, Portland, Ind.
Meredith Witty, Muncie, Ind.
Savannah Hauberg, Greenville, Ohio
Morgan McKinney, Greenville, Ohio

Charlie Nelms Transfer Scholarship
Sarah Coker, Richmond, Ind.

Dick and Joan Reynolds Scholarship
Cierra Gadd, Richmond, Ind.
Morgan Gard, Richmond, Ind.
Adam Ripberger, Liberty, Ind.
Aubrey Stomberg, Rushville, Ind.

Eastern Indiana – Wayne County Foundation Scholarship
Andrew Gevedon, Greens Fork, Ind.

Emogene Fleming Nursing Scholarship
Amber Huelskamp, Portland, Ind.

Frank B. Adney Jr M.D. Scholarship
Hunter Ellington, Dublin, Ind.
Logan Moody, Ansonia, Ohio

Glazer Math Scholarship
Richard Wahidi, Burnsville, Minn.
Jean Davila, Spokane, Wash.

Glenn and Joyce Goerke Scholarship
Brian Wilson, Metamora, Ind.
Casey Bindewald, Eaton, Ohio

Grant Spears Jr. Scholarship
Ashley Beckett, Liberty, Ind.
Ashley Keller, Lynn, Ind.
Mekayla Nicholson, Ind.

Grohsmeyer Psychology Scholarship
Jennie Newman, Richmond, Ind.
Danielle Bell, Middletown, Ind.
Lyndsie Trumbo, Richmond, Ind.

Harry and Marilyn Voyles Scholarship
James Lopez, Brea, Calif.
Austyn Bolander, New Castle, Ind.
Heather Campbell, Winchester, Ind.
Lauren Ketchem, Richmond, Ind.
Morgan Parker, Richmond, Ind.
Johnathon Schaefer, Fort Wayne, Ind.
Nancy Schlichte, Connersville, Ind.
Brenda Shoemake, Petal, Miss.
Justis Brewer, Camden, Ohio
Martina Montgomery, Gratis, Ohio

Helen Lees Community Engagement Scholarship
Olivia Robinson, Hagerstown, Ind.

Helen Lees Honors All Around Scholarship
Elizabeth Miller, Eldorado, Ohio

Henry County Alumni Scholarship
Shilo Darling, Kennard, Ind.
Brittany Hethcox, New Castle, Ind.
Rebekah LaVere, Hagerstown, Ind.
Jessica Mccrobie, New Castle, Ind.

Hill Scholarship
Megan Adams, Knightstown, Ind.
Maddison Baughn, Ridgeville, Ind.
Kelly Bennett, Connersville, Ind.
Bryan Bergman, Winchester, Ind.
Caitlin Boggs, Connersville, Ind.
Lauren Friend, Brownsville, Ind.
Kortney Garringer, Pennville, Ind.
Christian McIntosh, Connersville, Ind.
Kelsea Miller, Union City, Ind.
McKenzie Mohler, Rushville, Ind.
Taylor Moore, Union City, Ind.
Payton Rummel, Connersville, Ind.
Kelsey Buehner, Eaton, Ohio
Morgan Carter, Greenville, Ohio
Jessica Kerg, Greenville, Ohio
Shannon Mikesell, Eaton, Ohio
Alyshia Parks, Lewisburg, Ohio
Nathaniel Rose, Bradford, Ohio
Shaye Thomas, Hollansburg, Ohio

Israel David Edelman Memorial Scholarship
Jordan Coleman, Richmond, Ind.
Whitney Rivard, Richmond, Ind.

IU East Accounting Scholarship
Makayla Crossley, Greens Fork, Ind.
Kayle Oswalt, Arcanum, Ohio

IU East Alumni Association Scholarship
Mianna Casto, Modoc, Ind.
Alexandra Kirkendall, Brookville, Ind.
Keragan Niehoff, Rushville, Ind.
Benjamin Swift, Richmond, Ind.

IU East Building Fund Scholarship
Shannon Dice, Connersville, Ind.
Morgan Stanley, Winchester, Ind.
Jaime Rodriguez, Anderson, Ind.
Emily Price, New Paris, Ohio

IU East Honors Program Scholarship
Hope Alexander, Richmond, Ind.
Mackenzie Boles, Lapel, Ind.
Cassidy Clouse, Richmond, Ind.
Katelyn Groff, Richmond, Ind.
Taylor Hatfield, Richmond, Ind.
Amber Huelskamp, Portland, Ind.
Rachel Johnson, Connersville, Ind.
Jessica Lemar, Richmond, Ind.
Destiny Maitlen, Richmond, Ind.
Jennifer Mayo, Richmond, Ind.
Breanna Nowak, Richmond, Ind.
Mackenzie Spurrier, Richmond, Ind.
Marisa Vanzant, Boston, Ind.
Katherine Wooten, Brookville, Ind.
Grady Garno, Arcanum, Ohio
Luke Metzger, Camden, Ohio
Ashley Robertson, Eaton, Ohio
Erin Springmier, Eaton, Ohio

IU East Honors Program – Joanne Passet Research Scholarship
Trevor Boram, Arcanum, Ohio

IU East Staff Council Scholarship
Stephanie Alford, Fairland, Ind.
Renee Davis, Portland, Ind.
Kari Ketchem, Brookville, Ind.
Melissa Khattab, Greenwood, Ind.
Melodie Martini, Dillsboro, Ind.
Scottey Luedeke, Saint Marys, Ohio

IU East Student Alumni Association Scholarship
Kayla Campbell, Brookville, Ind.

James Moore Scholarship
Grace Allred, Modoc, Ind.

Jerry and Terri Logan Fine Arts Scholarship
Maya Waller, Richmond, Ind.

Juanita Rothert Nursing Scholarship
Rande Rourke, Richmond, Ind.

Judith Roman-Royer Scholarship
Grace Yeaton, Batesville, Ind.

Lee and Jacqueline Fleming Nursing Scholarship
Katherine Wooten, Brookville, Ind.

Palladium-Item Scholarship
Danielle Rastbichler, Richmond, Ind.

Pride of the Pack – Returning Student Scholarship
Elizabeth Livingston, New Weston, Ohio

Robert and Walter Havighurst Scholarship
Chelsea Dugger, New Castle, Ind.
Catherine Hoover, Winchester, Ind.
Skiveta Rivera, Winchester, Ind.

Ron Powell Memorial Scholarship
Bree Huskins, Rushville, Ind.
Ryan Husted, Centerville, Ind.
Brandon Miller, New Castle, Ind.

Ruth Brown Scholarship
Amber McCanna, Carmel, Ind.
Mary Noble, Brookville, Ind.
Alexander Stigall, New Castle, Ind.
Shyron Sturgill, Knightstown, Ind.

Tom Raper Scholarship
Keaton Akers, Terre Haute, Ind.
Grace Allred, Modoc, Ind.
Morgan Dobbs, Nashville, Ind.
Sarah Eberlein, Richmond, Ind.
Kyana Latislaw, South Bend, Ind.
Codi Lowder, Liberty, Ind.
Ember Mazzotti-Dill, Newburgh, Ind.
Christopher Norvell, North Liberty, Ind.
Samantha Sasher, Rushville, Ind.
Sarah Ullom, Portland, Ind.
David Crowe, Camden, Ohio
Heather Wood, New Madison, Ohio

Vigran Family Scholarship
Alexandra Estes, Richmond, Ind.
Jennifer Lahman, Richmond, Ind.
Miranda Perseponko, Richmond, Ind.
Matthew Railsback, Richmond, Ind.
Adriana Ramirez, Richmond, Ind.
Heather Rastbichler, Richmond, Ind.
Lyndsey Rohrer, Richmond, Ind.
Amber Rourke, Richmond, Ind.

Wayne County College Fund Scholarship
Berta Buckland, Richmond, Ind.
Ashley Collins, Richmond, Ind.
Jorge Perez-Orduno, Richmond, Ind.
Courtney Sebring, Milton, Ind.
Casey Stapleton, Richmond, Ind.
Amy Tebo, Economy, Ind.
Logan Ullery, Richmond, Ind.
Victoria Vance, Cambridge City, Ind.
Taylor Webster, Richmond, Ind.

Wayne/Union County Medical Society Scholarship
Karlee Borders, Richmond, Ind.

Whitewater Valley IU Alumni Chapter Scholarship
Abigail Blaase, Hagerstown, Ind.
Kristina Kier, Richmond, Ind.
Cole Lane, Brownsville, Ind.
Alex Shelley, Richmond, Ind.
Jessica Shurr, Bloomington, Ind.
Deborah Watson, Greenfield, Ind.
Courtney Osborne, Hollansburg, Ohio

William K. Richardson Scholarship
Cheryl Murray, Richmond, Ind.
Selena Nelson, Warsaw, Ind.
Cherika O’Brien, Richmond, Ind.
Jared Tate, Greenwood, Ind.