IU East announces High School Speech Tournament results

December 12, 2016 |

Indiana University East hosted a High School Speech Tournament on December 3. Thirteen schools Indiana regional high schools competed, including 130 students, in 14 speech events.

The Office of the Chancellor sponsored the tournament through the IU East Strategic Innovation Fund.

High schools competing in the speech tournament included:

  • Bishop Chartard High School
  • Cloverdale High School
  • Columbus East High School
  • Decatur Central High School
  • North Central High School
  • Southport High School
  • Centerville High School
  • Shelbyville High School
  • New Castle High School
  • Richmond High School
  • Anderson High School
  • Warren Central High School
  • Fishers High School

IU East awarded $500 Red Wolf scholarships to attend IU East to the top winners in the individual events. Tournament results listed by category.

Top three placing schools:
Warren Central, First place, Fishers, Second place, and New Castle, Third place.

Joey Cerone, Fishers, First place
Mattias Memering, Columbus East, Second place
Alex Hahn, Columbus East, Third place
Chris Curtiss, Shelbyville, Fourth place
Lillian Treon, Shelbyville, Fifth place
Max Keithley, Fishers, Sixth place
Raziya Hillery, Warren Central, Seventh place
John Timko, Fishers, Eighth place
Matt Piatkowski, Columbus East, Ninth place
Jadon Clark, North Central, Tenth place

Impromptu Speaking:
Lilly Springer, Warren Central, First place
Emily Zheng, Shelbyville, Second place
Krysjahn Johnson, Columbus East, Third place
Alex Hahn, Columbus East, Fourth place
Shelby Mills, New Castle, Fifth place
Khrisma McMurray, Warren Central, Sixth place
Evan Hodes, Fishers, Seventh place
Alex Eastman, Richmond, Eighth place
Ashley House, New Castle, Ninth place
John Ryu, Fishers, Tenth place

Holly Courtney, Warren Central, First place
Hillary Gordon, Warren Central, Second place
Carl Tensmeyer, Fishers, Third place
Justice Lewis, Richmond, Fourth place
Emma Finerfrock, Columbus East, Fifth place
Breanna Baldwin, Warren Central, Sixth place
Emma Williams, Richmond, Seventh place
Kelsey Green, Richmond, Eighth place
Hannah Scales, Centerville, Ninth place
Seth Carter, New Castle, Tenth place

Cole Shroyer, Richmond, First place
Christian Sharits, Richmond, Second place
Evan Parker, Fishers, Third place
Maddi Victery, Warren Central, Fourth place
Julian Reeves, Richmond, Fifth place
Anjali Patel, Richmond, Sixth place
Chris Piercy, Shelbyville, Seventh place
Giovani Buchanan, Southport, Eighth place
Jennifer Baker, New Castle, Ninth place
Dylan Seal, Richmond, Tenth place

Informative Speaking:
Lilly Springer, Warren Central, First place
Lillian Treon, Shelbyville, Second place
Shelby Mills, New Castle, Third place
Mattias Memering, Columbus East, Fourth place
Chayton Hudson, Decatur, Fifth place
Oliva Craig, Fishers, Sixth place
Ashlynn Sulteen, Anderson, Seventh place

Program Oral Interpretation:
JoDee Lynch, Warren Central, First Place
Ashley Sowerby, Columbus East, Second Place
Emma Finerfrock, Columbus East, Third Place
Olivia Dvoracek, Decatur Central, Fourth place
Sarah Craig, Southport, Fifth place
Xania Thurston, New Castle, Sixth place
Christian Toms, Decatur Central, Seventh place

Dramatic Interpretation:
Peyton Digregory, Fishers, First place
JoDee Lynch, Warren Central, Second place
Jenna Wilson, Richmond, Third place
Carrie Lause, Fishers, Fourth place
Kamryn Owens, New Castle, Fifth place
Sam Goble, New Castle, Sixth place
Gabby Martinez, Richmond, Seventh place
Abby Davis, Centerville, Eighth place

International Extemporaneous Speaking:
Evan Hodes, Fishers, First place
John Ryu, Fishers, Second place
Eli Kipp, Fishers, Third place
Evan Shaw, Warren Central, Fourth place
Jason Compton, Warren Central, Fifth place
Madison Franks, Warren Central, Sixth place
Kaitlin Scott, New Castle, Seventh place
Ben Kipp, Fishers, Eighth place
Alex Eastman, Richmond, Ninth place
Athena Trueblood, Warren Central, Tenth place

Prose Reading:
Priscilla Espiritu, New Castle, First place
Jenna Wilson, Richmond, Second place
Kyria Dickerson, Warren Central, Third place
Krysjahn Johnson, Columbus East, Fourth place
Ethan Baker, Cloverdale, Fifth place
Gwen Mathis, New Castle, Sixth place
Lily Hough, Warren Central, Seventh place
Celeste Davis, Southport, Eighth place
Naomi Carter, Richmond, Ninth place
Austin Petree, New Castle, Tenth place

Duo Interpretation
Justice Lewis and Destiny Gregory, Richmond, First place
Jadon Clark and Lauren Palladino, North Central, Second place
Jessica Winters and Chey Jones, Warren Central, Third place
Gwen Mathis and Priscilla Espiritu, New Castle, Fourth place
Sam Goble and Seth Carter, New Castle, Fifth place
Ryan Hugo and Ashley Williams, Centerville, Sixth place
Dustin Rittenberry and Eric Fisher, Southport, Seventh place

Original Oratory:
Lauren David, Fishers, First place
Jasmine Mercado, Fishers, Second place
Imaan Mirza, Fishers, Third place
Peyton Digregory, Fishers, Fourth place
Raziya Hillery, Warren Central, Fifth place
Alaea Bowman, Warren Central, Sixth place
Florencia Marble, Decatur Central, Seventh place

United States Extemporaneous Speaking:
Lauren David, Fishers, First place
Lauren Palladino, North Central, Second place
Alaea Bowman, Warren Central, Third place
Mark Nusterer, Columbus East, Fourth place
Khrisma McMurray, Warren Central, Fifth place
John Qualkenbush, Warren Central, Sixth place

Humorous Interpretation:
Hillary Gordon, Warren Central, First place
Xania Thurston, New Castle, Second place
Taylor Boledovich, Fishers, Third place
Tristan Galan, Warrent Central, Fourth place
Ryan Hugo, Centerville, Fifth place

Original Performance:
Ashley Sowerby, Columbus East, First place
Liberty Neal, New Castle, Second place
Ashley House, New Castle, Third place
Skyler Clarkson, Warren Central, Fourth place
Sydney Lewis, Columbus East, Fifth place
Carmela Lopezfilio, New Castle, Sixth place
Elena Trujillo, Decatur Central, Seventh place
Kyari Williams, Warren Central, Eight place
Oliver Tompkins, New Castle, Ninth place
Hayley Poe, New Castle, Tenth place