IU East announces Whitewater Valley Annual Art Competition Winners

November 2, 2007 |

Indiana University East announced the winners of the Whitewater Valley Annual Art Competition Wednesday, October 31 during a reception for the artists. David Russick, former director/curator of the Herron Galleries at the Herron School of Art and Design at IUPUI and currently works for the Indianapolis Museum of Art, publicly juried the competition held on October 6 at IU East.
The competition accepts entries from artists throughout a 300-mile radius around Richmond.
Accepted entries will be on exhibit in Whitewater Hall now until December 21 in The Gallery at IU East. For more information on the show, please call Ed Thornburg, curator, at (765) 973-8605.
Whitewater Top Ten 2007 Cash Awards and Purchase Awards

Walt Bistline, Richmond, Indiana
“Frozen Trees #3”
Inkjet Photographic Print
18” x 40”
$250 –Vincent Award

Michael Ebbs, Cincinnati, Ohio
Inkjet Photographic Print
31” X 31”
$250 –Barrett Award

Kristin Johnson, Hagerstown, Indiana
“Branch Out”
Acrylic on Canvas
16” X 20”
$250 – Fulton Award

Kathy McGhee, Galloway, Ohio
Monoprint on Fabric
12” X 18”
$250 – Jetmore Award

Jon Payne, West Chester, Ohio
“324 Warm Claypudds”
Oil on Canvas
36” X 36”
$250 – Founders Award

Scott Anderson, Hartford City, Indiana
“Dirty Bomb ‘Orbiter’..”
Mixed Media on Paper
37” X 29”
$150 – Tom Award

Teresa Colson
Ink on Watercolor Paper
23” X 216”
$150 – Osborne / Miller Award

Robert Flavin, Dayton, Ohio
“Morning Light”
Silver Gelatin Print
24” X 20”
$150 – Martin Award

Barbara Jo Giorgio, Selma, Indiana
“War Series, Grandpa Remembers”
15” X 17”
$150 – Gray Award

Lynn Johnstone, Richmond, Indiana
“In a Shoreham Garden”
Acrylic, Collage on Board
14” X 17”
$150 – Pennington Award

The above art awards were donated by:
Dr. and Mrs. Brad Barrett
Mr. and Mrs. David Fulton
Dr. and Mrs. Cory Gray
Dr. and Mrs. David Jetmore
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Miller
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Pennington
Jack and Doris Phelps
Thom Thomas
Kyle Tom
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Vincent

Purchase Award
Joe Brandenburg purchased “Ice Cream Suit Parade” Reduction Woodcut by Kevin Harris, Franklin, Ohio

Accepted Entries
The following 71 entries were selected out of 223 submissions.

Nancy Adkins, Richmond, Ind. “Koi” Carved Slate Relief
Scott Anderson, Hartford City, Ind.: “Dirty Bomb “Orbiter” Mixed Media on Paper and “Cezanne’s Apples” on Mixed Media on Paper
Kiersten Aubre-Howard, Richmond, Ind.: “Rose of Sharon” Watercolor Pencil
Thomas Bartel, Richmond, Ind.: “Khorovod” Carved Pine
Janet Berg, Mason, Ohio: “Red Roof” Oil on Canvas
Walt Bistline, Richmond, Ind.: “Frozen Trees No. 3” Digital B / W Photograph and “Snow Urchin” Digital B / W Photograph
Fred Bower, Muncie, Ind. “Rocket Launch, USA” B / W Photograph
Christopher Brian, Maineville, Ohio: “Winter Passage” Oil on Canvas
Matt Baugh, New Paris, Ohio: “They Told Me To” Mixed Media
Dana Burns, Richmond, Ind.: “Ashiko Drum” Mixed Media
Bernadette Clemens-Walatka: Cincinnati, Ohio “Suddenly Tractors” Color Photograph
Teresa Colson, Dayton, Ohio: “Untitled” Acrylic on Canvas
Hector Del Campo, Indianapolis, Ind.: “Tiempo Antes” Mixed Media
Marilynn Derwenskus, Muncie, Ind.: “From Black Tie Parties Watercolor To Buffalo Fields” and “Untitled” Watercolor
Marcia Barrett Doty, Fortville, Ind.: “Betty” Acrylic on Canvas
Michael Ebbs, Cincinnati, Ohio: “Abandon” Digital B / W Photograph and “Circle” Digital B / W Photograph
Rebecca Fallat, Liberty, Ind.: “Still Got It” Oil on Canvas
Edisson Fernandez, Richmond, Ind.: “Fear” Oil on Cardboard
Robert Flavin, Dayton, Ohio: “Morning Light” Silver Gelatin Print and “Out of Business” Silver Gelatin Print
Barbara Jo Giorgio, Selma, Ind.: “War Stories: Lithograph Grandpa Remembers”
Tony Goeke, Richmond, Ind.: “Floating” Graphite on Paper
Larry Graham, Muncie, Ind.: “Caged Parade” Graphite on Paper
Belinda Gray, Richmond, Ind.: “Nature’s Best” Color Photograph and “Making Memories” Mixed Media
Jim Hair, Richmond, Ind.: “Boy in Hotel: B / W Photograph San Diego, 1975”
Judy Haisley, Richmond, Ind.: “The Hunter and the Hunted” Pastel on Paper
Kevin Harris, Franklin, Ohio: “Ice Cream Suit Parade” Woodcut Print
Lindsay Hine, Bloomington, Ind.: “Sometimes My Arms Bend Back…” Oil on Canvas
Victoria Jensen, Cincinnati, Ohio: “Drizzle” Oil on Canvas
Kristin Johnson, Hagerstown, Ind.: “Branch Out” Acrylic on Canvas
Lynn Johnstone, Richmond, Ind.: “In a Shoreham Garden” Acrylic on Panel
Richard Jurus, Dayton, Ohio: “The Rope” Giclee Print
Martin Massoff, Richmond, Ind.: “As I Burn” Mixed Media on Panel
C. Pat McClelland, Dayton, Ohio: “The Weight of Woe” Mixed Media
Eileen McConkey, Cincinnati, Ohio: “Energy in Motion” Acrylic on Canvas
Tom McFarlane, Morning View, Ky.: “A Washing Off of Wings” Archival Inkjet Print
Kathy McGhee, Galloway, Ohio: “Garden At Pillnitz” Linoleum Relief Print and “Magpie” Monoprint on Fabric
Jeremiah Metzcar, New Madison, Ohio: “2 – 6” Mixed Media and “Untitled” Mixed Media
Amy Mitchell, Eaton, Ohio: “Jessie” Oil on Canvas
Brian Newman, Fountain City, Ind.: “In a Bird’s Eye” Mixed Media
Anna Pacholak-Pawlik, Dayton, Ohio: “Reflection: 5th Ave. NYC” Silver Print Photograph and “Malbork Castle” C-Print Photograph
Sarah R. Patti, Cincinnati, Ohio: “Self Portrait” Ceramic Triptych
Jon Payne, West Chester, Ohio: “324 Warm Claypudds” Oil on Canvas and “Untitled” Oil on Canvas
Doris Phelps, Williamsburg, Ind.: “Pluto’s Rebellion” Mixed Media
Jack Phelps, Williamsburg, Ind.: “Memories” Etching
Hope C. Pierson, Cincinnati, Ohio: “Falling Over” Oil on Canvas
Wolfgang Rischel, Cincinnati, Ohio: Coach Barn” Acrylic on Canvas
Diana Robinson, Richmond, Ind.: “Paraiso” Mixed Media
Sharon Roeder, Milan, Ind.: “Inmani Orphans” Conte / Watermedia and “Schoodic Point, Maine” Mixed Media
Harriet Rollitt, Richmond, Ind.: “Wet ‘n’ Wild” Oil on Canvas
Mark Sawrie, Muncie, Ind.: “Neighbors” Pigment Inkjet Print
William Schmiechen, Richmond, Ind.: “Family Phlegm” Mixed Media
Joe Swanson, Bloomington, Ind.: “Garbage Disposal” Charcoal on Paper
Jeff Sylvia, Hagerstown, Ind.: “1897, Connersville, Color Photograph Indiana, 2007”
Jerry D. Thompson, Richmond, Ind.: “Turkey Trot” Acrylic on Canvas
Edward C. Tucker, Richmond, Ind.: “Aquatic Secrets in Mixed Media Green & Gold”
Mark Van Buskirk, Richmond, Ind.: “Black Horns” Oil on Linen
M. P. Wiggins, Cincinnati, Ohio: “Mindset” Mixed Media
Jeanette Wilson, Richmond, Ind.: “Table Muse #2” Color Photograph
Paul Wolven, Cincinnati, Ohio: “Indy Street” Oil on Canvas