IU East announces Whitewater Valley Art Competition entrants to exhibit

October 22, 2010 |

Indiana University East is announcing the inclusions of the Whitewater Valley Annual Art Competition during a reception for the artists. The 32nd Annual Whitewater Art Competition was held Saturday, October 2, at IU East. This year’s competition was juried by John McNaughton, a nationally acclaimed 20th century artist, and was sponsored by the Wayne County Foundation.

The Top 15 winners will be announced during an artists’ reception that will be held on Wednesday, October 27. The reception will be held at 7 p.m. in Whitewater Hall. The reception is free and open to the public.

From the hundreds of anticipated entries, 73 were selected for the exhibit which will be on display in The Gallery from October 18 to December 4. The competition accepts entries from artists throughout a 300-mile radius around Richmond.

For more information on the show, call Ed Thornburg, curator, at (765) 973-8605.

The following entries were selected for the exhibit:

Kim Anderson, Hartford City, Ind. –“Milkweed Study,” Pastel on paper

Scott Anderson, Hartford City, Ind. –“Teeter Tower (The Prophet’s Dream),” Mixed, on paper and “Fruits of Disobedience,” acrylic on fabric

Megan Andrews, Muncie, Ind. – “Come Away With Me, Josephine, In My Flying Machine,” Mixed, on panel

Angela Appleberry, Richmond, Ind. – “Bledsoe Family Tree,” Mixed, on wood

Erica Atkins, Muncie, Ind., –“Ticky-Tacky,” Watercolor

Tom Bartel, Richmond, Ind. – “Agrippa’s Vision,” Wood and granite

Walt Bistline, Richmond, Ind. –“Blue Hands,” Archival pigment inkjet print

Bridgette Bogle, Dayton, Ohio – “Wuthering, Wuthering, Wuthering Heights,” Watersoluble oil on canvas

Clay Carman, Richmond, Ind. –“Red Car,” Digital photograph and “Lonely Wagon,” Digital photograph

Marcus Davis, Richmond, Ind. –“Casserole,” Stoneware

Pamela de Marris, Muncie, Ind. –“Trick or Treat (Halloween Eve),”
C-Print from negative

Marcia B. Doty, Fortville, Ind. –“Rock of Ages,” Acrylic on canvas and “Self Portrait,” acrylic on canvas

Minda Douglas, Noblesville, Ind. – “Reconciliation of Religion and the Natural Order,” mixed media drawing and “Prolific Spores,” mixed media drawing

Chani Dunn, Richmond, Ind. –“Trying on a New Pair of Shoes,” Acrylic on canvas

Harry Foltz, Richmond, Ind. – “Platter,” Ceramic

Kate Franks, Heath, Ohio –“Puzzle Me Lefty,” Silver gelatin print and“Hope,” silver gelatin print

Katherine Fries, Indianapolis, Ind. – “Lauren,” Oil on canvas

Carl Gay, Richmond, Ind. –“Down and Out,” Digital photograph

Lisa Gettinger, Rushville, Ind. –“Four Calves,” Oil on canvas

Rex Godfrey, Richmond, Ind. –“Politics and the Human Ego,” Catalpa on walnut base

Larry Graham, Muncie, Ind. – “Warrior,” Plaster of Paris

Richard Green, Richmond, Ind. –“Homefire,” Monotype

Jim Hair, Richmond, Ind. –“Tree Farm,” Giclee print/silver photograph

David Hannon, Muncie, Ind. –“Different Views,” Oil on panel

Andrew Hinck, Richmond, Ind. –“Seneca Weintraut: Scraped, Melted, Reapplied,” Encaustic

Terry Hreno, Connersville, Ind. –“Hope Springs Eternal,” Watercolor

Richard Huff, Liberty, Ind. –“Boy on Cat,” Acrylic on canvas

Kelly Joslin, Dayton, Ohio –“Forgotten Moments,” Cyanotype and Van Dyke brown print

Benny Kenworthy, Richmond, Ind. –“Radial Growth,” Acrylic on canvas

Ann Kim, Dayton, Ohio – “Primordial Birth,” Mixed, on canvas

Patricia K. King, Selma, Ind. – “Our Sins Are Bright And Spread Like Dandelions,” Russian punchneedle embroidery

Hector Perez Lozano, Connersville, Ind. –“And so on, we are happy to serve you. Don’t look now…,” Giclee print

Doris Martin Connersville, Ind. –“Doris,” Oil on canvas

Suga Matsui Richmond, Ind. –“Circle Window of a Buddhist Temple,” Archival inkjet print

C. Pat McClelland Kettering, Ohio –“Hunger, Passion, and Reward,” Oil on canvas

Joshua McGarvey Muncie, Ind. –“Dumpy the Taurus in the Boy with the Magic Goo,” Book, etching, and letterpress;“Hierarchy Globule,” mixed media drawing; and “New Thanksgiving,” intaglio

Kathy McGhee, Galloway, Ohio – “Water and Leaves II,” Intaglio, photogravure using a solar plate

William McQuail, Muncie, Ind. –“Reading to a New Tomorrow,” Mixed media and“Soldiers for a Dream,” Mixed media

Reanna Miller, Brownsville, Ind. –“Grandmother’s Hands,” Colored pencil

Amy Mitchell, Eaton, Ohio –“Marco,” Oil on mirror

Sandy Moeller, Glenwood, Ind. –“Miller’s Barn Latch,” Digital photograph

Pat Moore, Losantville, Ind. –“Parthenon,” Clay, wood-fired

Natalie Munding, Muncie, Ind. –“Dirty Pillows,” Fabric

Ben P. Norton, Dayton, Ohio –“Processional II,” Oil, acrylic, charcoal on canvas

Diana Pappin, Richmond, Ind. – “Old Wood,” Color giclee print from digital photograph

Clara G. Parrett, Centerville, Ind. –“The Ambiguity of Perspective,” Redware Clay

Doris Phelps, Williamsburg, Ind. – “Sedona Sky,” Monoprint

Jack Phelps, Williamsburg, Ind. –“Old Buck,” Aquatint

Andrew Reichter, Richmond, Ind. –“Farm Art – Swan,” Sculpture/found

Carvin Rinehart, Richmond, Ind. –“Moon Blanket,” Acrylic on burlap, canvas and jute

Richard Rodgers, Richmond, Ind. –“Park Place,” Digital inkjet print and “Elevator Moon,” digital inkjet print

Kathleen Ryan, Muncie, Ind. –“People Are Places (You’ve Been My Home for Years),” Mixed; “Before I Forget,” oil, thread, canvas; and “Experiment #9 (Works of a Pseudo Scientist),” mixed

Jeevan Sheroa, Richmond, Ind. –“Hunting Tiger,” Oil on canvas

Katy Jo South, Somerville, Ohio –“Morning Has Broken,” Oil on canvas and “Sea Salt & Suntan Lotion,” Oil on canvas

George Stallings, Richmond, Ind. –“Cattails,” Found/sculpture

Joe Thompson, Centerville, Ind. – “Tinman Eternally,” Print, acrylic, pen and ink

Vicki Vardaman, Lynn, Ind. – “New Orleans, 1960’s,” Digital imagery

Miranda Wagner, Muncie, Ind. –“Rowe’s Principle of Sufficient Reason,” Watercolor

Seneca Weintraut, Muncie, Ind. –“The Profit of Water Street,” Acrylic on canvas

Shirley Wise, Richmond, Ind. –“Dew Upon the Petals,” Textile Relief (Perse Broderie)

Daryl Woody, Dayton, Ohio –“I Hear Your Footsteps,” Collage