IU East School of Education offers credential in Online Instruction beginning this January

December 20, 2012 |

Indiana University East’s School of Education will offer a credit-based credential in Online Instruction and Assessment (SCOIA) beginning this spring. The specialized credential has been developed for K-12 grade teachers, post-secondary teachers, private and governmental organizational operations, non-profit organizations, and training for businesses. This credit-based credential complements IU East’s non-credit-based certificate in online teaching that is designed for college and university instructors.

Potential and practicing instructors who work in online teaching environments will learn to integrate best practices in online teaching while preparing courses and/or instructional training programs.

James Barbre, director of Graduate Programs in Education, said the program is being offered because of the dramatic increase in online course offerings. He said effective teaching practices in an online format are highly important as this is where education is putting many resources.

“Equally important is the fact that many forms of training offered through the government and private sector occur online. Cultivating best practices based on what educational research has to say will make teaching and learning more effective and result in a better-educated student and workforce,” Barbre said. “Additionally, students in high school in Indiana are being encouraged to take an online class prior to graduation to prepare for what lies ahead in college. In this new environment, high school teachers must cultivate highly effective teaching practices for the online educational setting.”

The credential includes four courses for a total of 12 credit hours. Each course may be completed in eight weeks and the entire credential in one or two semesters. Every course will be offered fall and spring academic semesters.

Coursework covers Instructional Media Applications, Planning and Assessment, Instructional Technology and Application of Instructional Media and Technology. Course topics focus on developing quality online courses and include:

•         Foundations of online learning theory,
•         Effective and targeted assessment,
•         Engaging means of instructional delivery, and
•         Developing online teaching materials.

For more information about the Online Instruction and Assessment Credential, contact James Barbre, director of Graduate Programs in Education, at (765) 973-8344 or email jbarbre@iue.edu.