New micro-credential program launching

February 6, 2024 |

Indiana University East is launching an expanded micro-credential program for local corporations who want to attract, develop, and promote employees. 

The course will launch in February of 2024; it was first offered in Spring of 2022 as a pilot program in partnership with Belden, Inc. The Spring 2024 program will be in partnership with NSK Corporation.

Amy Shiplett, HR assistant manager at NSK, said “NSK Liberty is excited to be a part of this professionalism program with IU East because we believe it’ll be of great benefit to our current employees. We look forward to their participation and we know it will help them grow and develop as professionals with NSK at our Liberty, Indiana facility.”

The micro-credential program is a self-paced, online course designed to prepare employees for additional responsibilities with the goal of possible promotion within their own companies.

In consultation with local industry, Indiana University East developed the Micro-credential in Professionalism course that focuses on employability skills including teamwork, effective communication, and professionalism.

The course was created and fine-tuned within the Office of Academic Affairs at IU East in consultation with the Office of Career Services and Internships. 

Cassandra VanDevender, Career Services specialist, is the instructor for the course, in addition to guest instructors contributing discussion topics throughout the program.

“One of the biggest concerns I hear from local employers is the lack of soft or ‘employability’ skills their employees (or applicants for employment) are displaying,” VanDevender said.

“We hope that employers can use this program to attract employees interested in professional growth and increase the skills of their current employees so they can promote from within.”

As part of the online course, students discuss a variety of topics from using social media and dressing for the workplace to the importance of communication, using technology in the workplace, managing professional relationships, and goal setting.

VanDevender added other topics including presenting yourself professionally, confliction resolution, and transitioning into a leadership role.

TJ Rivard, associate vice chancellor of Academic Affairs at IU East, noted that the micro-credential program is part of connecting IU East to the local community in ways that benefit employers and employees. 

“We very much want to build a program that enriches the lives and careers of residents in the IU East service area,” Rivard said. “Part of the mission of IU East is to dedicate our energies toward preparing all of our students for the opportunities of the 21st century, and these micro-credentials will work toward that goal.”

For additional information about the micro-credential program in professionalism, contact Cassandra VanDevender at